Dashye & Bethea
Fukeru Ukuure
Darkling Dawn
Name: Dashye
Gender: Male
Race: Rukel
Age: 8 years
Height: 1'6
Build: Stocky
Fur: Silver, fading to darker grey at the extremities. White mane and feathers.
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Dashye is a fairly large rukel, standing at about a foot and a half, with a stocky build. He is cat-like, with very long, shaggy silver fur that fades to a darker shade of grey on his extremities. He has a long, blunt muzzle covered in white fur; his chest and belly are also covered in this fur, as well as having a furry crest on his head that runs along the back of his neck to his shoulderblades and a large plume of fur on his tail, all a brilliant shade of white. His tail is abnormally long, nearly twice the length of his body. His ears are long and rabbit-like, and he has a pair of white-feathered avian wings on his back. His eyes are bright blue, and he moves with a cat-like grace, very silent and careful, almost lazy.
Personality: Dashye is considerably kind and helpful, more so than most of his kind. He's very outgoing and friendly, always willing to please and be a helping hand (or paw) for others. He does enjoy a good headscratch or belly-rub from humans, as well as food, but he's careful not to overdo it. He is very aware of his own health and appearance, and keeps his fur and feathers meticulously neat and clean. He's very intelligent, and he can also be a bit of a show-off. He enjoys being around other people and doesn't like being left on his own, so life in the dragonry is perfect for him. He's patient and fair-minded, a good conscience to others.
Past: Dashye is an older rukel who has lived at Darkling Dawn for about four years. He's not exactly young anymore, but he's certainly not old yet, even by rukel years, and is considerably more mature than most of the younger rukels. He is well-respected and has some influence over the younger generation, and he feels it is his duty to make sure they behave and don't get into too much trouble.
He was born in the wild, and spent the first four years of his life deep in the forests of Darkling Dawn. He was one of the first rukels to be discovered by the humans, and even though he never chose to stay with a particular human as most rukels did, he followed the humans back to their dragonry to live there.
He spends most of his time sleeping in the sun or hunting for rats and other pests in the tunnels of Darkling Dawn dragonry, but he likes to keep an eye on the other rukels as if they were his own children. (Granted, probably not a small amount of them
are, but nevertheless...)
He is pretty friendly with most humans and dragons, and has a lot of respect for dragonriders. It's rare-though not unheard of-for rukels to bond, but Dashye decided he needed
something to do with his ample amounts of spare time, and he rather liked the idea of having a bond. The hardest part was finding a clutch where the dragon wouldn't be large enough to squash him under a claw when it was full grown, which is why he eventually wound up at Fukeru Ukuure, standing for a special Winter fedra clutch.
Bond: Water/Air Female Fedra, Bethea