Mimemyth-Me, Me, ME!
Cy Dragonstake Darkling Dawn Personas
Name: Mimemyth
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Personality: Doesn't Mimemyth know that she is one of the lowest ranking dragons at Cy? Apparently not. Mimemyth thinks that she is the best critter ever to break shell, and will tell anyone around about it in great detail. Her favorite habits are grooming, looking at herself in a reflexive surface, and, of course, getting adored by all the other dragons. I mean, who wouldn't adore her?
Cy Dragonstake (April Fools dragon)
Kuraren could only stare at the bright yellow dragoness, a three-pointed jester's hat plopped on her head at an angle, and her head held high. She seemed to look down upon the purple dragon, despite the fact that he was several feet taller than her and much bigger, eyeing him with a disdainful look on her face.
My name, She said haughtily, is Mimemyth.
Unfortunately, Kuraren was not listening, as he was still lost in contemplation of how this...
common dragoness could act so high and mighty toward him, Kuraren! Huh? Was his intelligent reply.
The yellow dragoness glared spitefully at him.
As I said before, plebian. I am Mimemyth. Mi-Me-Myth.
Kuraren abruptly came to his senses when she called him a plebian. He didn't know what that word meant, but he didn't like the sound of it. The cadence was...sinister.
If Kuraren had been-perish the thought!-a human and not a dragon, he would have had a bewildered and flustered look on his face. No one had managed to nettle him like this since...well, earlier that morning, really, when his bond Azielth said something cheap and degrading about him and-but anyway, that didn't have anything to do with the current situation.
He tried to draw himself up to his full height, then remembered that he was a dragon, and as he was standing on all fours, he already was. Eventually, he gave up on the whole intimidation thing, since it didn't appear to be having the desired effect on this strange new dragoness-on the contrary, she seemed to be amused, believing he was making a complete and utter fool of himself. That was impossible of course; he was Kuraren!
The dragoness cleared her throat impatiently.
Well, are you just going to stand there all day? Or are you going to show me to my new residence?
Kuraren was again startled out of his reverie. He commenced muttering under his breath at the attitude of this Mimemyth as he lead her to an empty weyr-the smallest, dirtiest, grimiest one he could find.
Mimemyth looked around the tiny weyr with a stricken feeling.
Is this the best you can do!? She questioned a sulking Kuraren.
The purple only grunted in reply. His inner subconsciousness-which for some reason was human shaped-tried to hide a mischeivous smile, then abruptly realized that it wasn't real.
Sorry, you'll just have to make do with this. He said, not a little spitefully. Having just met this dragoness, he already didn't like her. What right did she have to act like she was the greatest dragon ever? That was his job!