Shivran Aerd Darkling Dawn
Name: Moia
Gender: Female
Color: Banded Pink-Blue
Size: Small (Green-sized)
Dam: Klethra
Sire: Karamth
Abilities: Precognition (8), Telekinesis (5)
Personality: Quite a bizarre young dragoness, she is either extremely calm and steady, where nothing seems to ruffle her, or extremely cheery, hyper and altogether ditzy. She is always well-meaning, however, and quite helpful with her psychic powers, which she is always willing to share.
Jorilyatah's garden was very beautiful. It was full of lush, green plants and flowers everywhere, in a myriad of colors, all carefully and lovingly planted and raised without the use of magic. It was a stunning display of horticulture, but nobody ever saw it, for Jorilyatah was not a friendly dragon and did not appreciate interlopers messing up his carefully planned garden.
That was why the entire area, just inside the beginning of Darkling Dawn's forest, was surrounded by large, forbidding, sharp-thorned vines grown to keep other creatures out. The wyld dragon grew them too thickly for other creatures to pass them, and he also enchanted them to actively repel any dragons that approached, other than him. So the strange rose-marked green's garden stayed a secret, safely sequestered beyond thorny vines.
Jorilyatah was sitting in his garden, closely inspecting his roses for signs of plant diseases or parasites, when his defenses were finally breached. He didn't know how she did it-he was facing in the opposite direction at the time-yet somehow, Moia found a way past his vines.
He didn't notice her at first, disregarding the unfamiliar sounds of her approach since he believed nobody could get past his vines. So he was caught completely offguard when the banded pink and blue dragoness suddenly appeared right behind him and crowed into his ear.
Hi, Jorilyatah!!!!! Moia said hyperly. Obviously, she was in her ditzy phase right now.
Jorilyatah jumped, startled, and turned to stare incredulously at her. Moia didn't speak, just stood there, wagging-yes, wagging-her tail. A particularly long tendril of thorny vine slowly unraveled itself and flicked at her, but she seemed to see it coming from behind her, and nimbly moved out of the way before it got halfway there.
Jorilyatah had to act fast when he saw his own vine rushing toward him, and the vine abruptly shriveled and dropped to the ground, lifeless.
Moia didn't seem repentent in the slightest, in fact, it may as well never have happened at all, for all the attention she paid it. She gaped her jaw widely.
Look, Jorilyatah! I finally found your secret hiding spot! Hah hah! She danced joyfully in place.
Meanwhile, Jorilyatah alternated between gaping his jaw in amazement and grinding his teeth in frustration.
Moia? What are you doing here? How did you get past my vines? He asked weakly.
It's a secret. Moia said in a singsong voice, winking at him conspiracally.
His tail started to lash in frustration.
But-you're-not-supposed-to-be-here. He grated.
Moia gave no sign she'd even heard.
Jorilyatah? She asked out of the blue, What does green mean to you?
Jorilyatah could do nothing but blink.
What? It's all around us, what are you talking about?
Moia growled, frustrated.
No, I mean, what does it mean to you? What does the color green symbolize for you?
Jorilyatah's eyes narrowed in annoyance.
Pain. Death and excruciating pain.
Well, that's not very nice. Moia said, pouting. Then she recovered. I think it's a nice color. It's pretty, and makes me think of, like, life, and babies, and Spring. Plus, I think it would look good with my bands and hide. What do you think, Jorilyatah?
Great Dragon God above, she already clashed enough.
I think you should leave. He said firmly.
She moved as if to protest, then her entire body froze, rigid. Her blank eyes stared at nothing, and she twitched not so much as a claw. Then she spoke in a voice quite unlike her.
It's time. The Old World beckons, a place of fiery stones and dragons. Green will lead the way to bliss, or heartache. The final choice is yours.
Jorilyatah blinked.
Oookaay...That was weird, even for one of your prophecies. What's all that supposed to mean, anyway?
Abruptly, Moia turned back into her normal, hyper self and exclaimed happily,
Isn't it obvious? We're going to get dragon bonds!
Jorilyatah was not as happy to hear the news.
Bond. Great. He was not thinking of a staunch and loyal dragon who would stand by his side, no matter what. Instead, his mind was filled with images of clumsy, messy dragon hatchlings tearing up his precious flowers by their roots and causing chaos.
Yeah, won't it be great? Moia said, not picking up on his mood at all. She giggled coyly. And maybe our bonds will even grow up and mate. She looked up at him, gooey-eyed.
Jorilyatah was truly scared now. He edged away from the dragoness nervously. He wished he could just forget what she said, (everything she said) but he couldn't. As strange as the dragoness might be, her skills of precognition were great, and somehow, her prophecies always come true. If she said he was going to bond, he'd bond, whether he liked it or not.
He plopped to the ground with a resigned groan, and a leafy tendril unfurled to pat him consolingly on the shoulder.
I hate my life.
Moia didn't hear, or if she did, she paid no heed.
We're going to get dragons, we're going to get dragons...She sang happily as Jorilyatah attempted in vain to block her out.
Moia was sulking. She was pretty good at it, too, Jorilyatah thought, when she really worked at it. Her head was almost perpendicular to her body, her back was hunched, her eyes were smoldering, and her tail was curled tightly over her claws. It would have been quite an impressive sulk. Woud have--had it not been for her obnoxiously pink-and-blue-colored hide.
Admit it, he said, you were wrong. He was almost gleeful about it. But hey, he never really wanted to bond anyway.
Moia lifted her head, eyes flashing angrily at him.
I wasn't wrong! I'm never wrong! She stamped a foot, and Jorilyatah winced as she inadvertently crushed another one of his flowers. They had returned to Darkling Dawn after they had gotten tired of waiting at Firestone Weyr. Nothing was happening, and Jorilyatah finally got sick of it and dragged Moia back home. Unfortunately, the dragoness had since taken to sitting around, in his garden, and sulking, constantly. She didn't even try to flirt with him anymore.
Feh, Jorilyatah snorted, who wants a whiny annoying little dragon following them around for the rest of their lives, anyway? He already had one of those.
Moia sniffed and looked at him with big, wobbly eyes.
You're wrong. Being bonded is one of the greatest things ever, I know it is. I want to bond, and I'm sure deep, deep down, you want to, too, Jorilyatah. Maybe, possibly, way down deep in his dark, thorny vine-encrusted heart. And maybe small, hooved mammals had developed the ability to fly, as well.
It was unfortunate, perhaps, that Moia couldn't actually read his mind. Then again, she probably wouldn't want to, anyway. Nevertheless, she continued her speech, unaware of his thoughts.
And besides, I gave a prophecy that we would bond, somehow and somewhere, and even you know that my prophecies are always right. Only until she gets one wrong, Jorilyatah interjected in his mind. Which means we just have to go somewhere else and try again until we do bond. Wait, what?
You've got to be kidding.
Let's go to Ryslen, Jori'.
Don't call me Jori'; it's Jorilyatah. And no way. Moia ignored his protests and pushed him out of his garden, thorny walls receding long enough to let them pass. Jorilyatah sighed to himself; why couldn't they at least stay at home and bond? Why didn't anyone ever think of that?
Moia is Standing at: Nidus Ryslen