Wu Weyr Personas
Darkling Dawn
Name: Rhas
Race: Wolf-shifter
Rank: Magic student
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Build: Bulky, muscular
Skin: Light tan
Hair: Light brown, to shoulders, frizzy
Eyes: Blue-green
Fur: Russet and white

Appearance: Rhas, in his normal form, is very tall and bulky, with a muscular build and strong frame. His skin is naturally a light tan in color, and doesn't change much in the sun. His frizzy hair often looks unkempt, but it's actually a calculated look, intended to attract the ladies. It's light hazel-brown in color, and hangs to his shoulders. His eyes are a bluish-green color, but in the right light, flecks of grey are just visible.
In his wolf form, Rhas is a large and bulky wolf, very strong. His thick, wiry fur is white, but marked with russet along his back and shoulders, and around his face.
Personality: Very outgoing and cheerful, Rhas is very popular among his fellow students and also something of a flirt. He's also a little conceited, however, and tends to come off as rather arrogant and a little
too carefree. He's actually quite intelligent and gets good grades in most of his classes, even when he's tempted to slack off, and he's surprisingly hard-working. Mostly, he's a good-natured fellow who doesn't like bullying, but he's hesitant to stop it when he sees it happening for fear of what people would think. He's a little insecure and rather dependant on what others think of him.
Past: Despite the fact that he looks more like he should be slinging around a sword in heavy armor, Rhas is a student at a prestigious university of magic. As a result of a minor magical mishap, he was accidently turned into a wolf by one of his classmates. Such accidents are fairly common when working with magic, and Rhas got off comparitively easy. The teachers were eventually able to change him back, but the magic still effected him somewhat, and now, whenever he gets a little too angry or upset, he tends to change suddenly and incontrollably into his wolven form, where he gets stuck for anywhere from an hour to half a day. This tends to put him in a bad mood, not surprisingly.
He loves a challenge, so he was more than happy to go with the dragonriders when they came. After visiting several dragonries to see if he wanted to stand, he came to Wu Weyr, and  he decided to try to luck there, and was signed up for Chaybeth's's clutch.

Bond: None Yet