The 'Great' Sanzanon & His Sidekick, Gokyn
Darkling Dawn
Cy Dragonstake
He was not impressed with the selection of candidates. He made sure it was quite well-known when he hatched, not to mention on several memorable occasions since. He was rather annoyed about this, as he was planning to make a big splash at Darkling Dawn with his bond. (Nevermind how he knew about Darkling Dawn in the first place. He had just hatched, after all.) But there were no candidates good enough for the Great Sanzanon. The nerve!
He quickly decided that he would just have to stick around Cy until he bonded. G*non, no doubt, was highly annoyed at not being able to foist him off on Darkling Dawn right away, but the purple-marked yellow didn't care. Truthfully, very little concerned Sanzanon, most of them beginning with 'm' and ending with 'e'.
One thing that did make him, well, slightly uncomfortable, were the flitters. Not that he was afraid of them-oh, no! The Great Sanzanon feared nothing, especially not creepy little minidragons, with their beady little eyes following his every move as they followed him around in packs...Well, anyway, he just didn't like them, that was all.
Which was why he had no idea how he had ended up with one-much less,
five-of them as pets. He somehow managed to stumble onto a wild flitter nest just as it was hatching. On top of that, they were all psycho! One of the flying pests, an irridescent blue male, actually bit itself on a regular basis. He was beginning to think it was rabid, with the way it kept chewing at itself, but he didn't trust it to not bite him if he got near it. Flitter rabies, ech!
Another flitter, a large bronze, was crippled. The poor thing had half-formed wings and couldn't fly, so it followed him around everywhere on foot, crying piteously until he wanted to kick it-he didn't! He wasn't
that cruel.
Then there was the gold. The
tiny gold. The gold that was smaller than most white flitters he had seen. Many times he had almost stepped on her because he hadn't seen her in his way, it was almost as if she were trying to trip him.
Then there was the over-aggresive female yellow. Far be it for him to know how a creature roughly the size of a squirrel managed to continually cow a full-grown dragon...not mentioning any names...
And how could he forget the rainbow? The
talking rainbow. The rainbow flitter who suffered from short-term memory loss? A whole other story, that one.
Oh yeah, those flitters were psycho. Which was why he needed to get away from Cy Dragonstake as soon as possible so they couldn't get too used to him and follow him to Darkling Dawn. Which was why he signed himself up for the next clutch on the sand as soon as dragonly possible. He didn't even care that the dragons were rainbow, or striped, or glitz, or whatever the heck they were. The Great Sanzanon would be content with any dragon. As long as it got him away...
The clutch could not hatch fast enough for Sanzanon. Everywhere he went, the fair of flitters followed him, watching him with their beady eyes and waiting for...something. He wasn't quite sure what, but he didn't think he was going to like it.
The announcement was sent out to the candidates that the eggs were hatching, and Sanzanon winged it over to the hatching sands immediately. The first egg began to crack, revealing a silvery gray dragon, showing traits from both parents. Sanzanon scowled as a hush fell over the crowd.
Ooh, look at me, I'm all shiny and special. He blew the mental equivilent of a raspberry.
A blindingly bright blue dragon hatched next, though nobody seemed to think he was a plain blue. He glittered like his brother, with white markings and gray stripes. He didn't strut and preen like the first hatchling, he just went quietly and picked out a candidate.
They left, and another egg hatched, revealing the first duowinged dragon from the clutch. Sanzanon growled as several people in the crowd murmered appreciatively.
For gods' sake, people, it's a hatchling, not a work of art. He griped as the female chose a rider.
There were four eggs left now, and Sanzanon laughed when he realized that that meant G*non had miscounted. A glitzy orange dragon hatched next, marked with vivid white and brown stripes. He spread his wings for balance, but he'd scarcely taken two steps before he tripped and fell, breaking another egg in the process. Sanzanon snickered.
I pity the poor idiot who gets stuck bonded to that dragon.
A white broke out of the aforementioned egg, while the orange apologized profusely. The white shrugged it off, however, and made his way to his own bond. The orange watched his brother bond before making his way to the candidates himself.
Again, he tripped, sprawling into the sand, where his wings got twisted beneath him. He whimpered in pain as several people, most notably Sanzanon, snickered.
Hey...could you help me? I mean... ouch! I canít really get up. Please? A little help? I donít like the way my wings are twisted up. Hello? Is anyone there?
Sanzanon began to twitch as the orange continued. As if the psycho flitters weren't bad enough, now he had to put up with this annoying whining hatchling? He decided to walk over there and kick it, that would teach it not to annoy the Great Sanzanon.
He lifted his foot, preparing to kick the hatchling, but then its big, opalescent eyes looked up at him, staring into his own narrowed eyes. The hatchling looked awe-struck. Suddenly, all the fight went out of Sanzanon, and a little sheepishly, he reached down and helped the orange to his feet and brushed the sand from his hide.
Hey, try not to be such a klutz. I donít want you to always be embarrassing me, you know.
The orange practically chirped in reply. Of course! I'd never do that!
Yeah, whatever. Just come and get fed already, will you, Gokyn?
Okay, Sanzanon! Gokyn yelled, with a look amounting almost to hero-worship on his face for his new bond as they left to get food.