Sime & Kenata
Nidus Avengaea Darkling Dawn
Name: Sime
Race: Cat-Shifter/Candidate
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Build: Lithe
Skin: Dark tan
Hair: Black, to shoulders, ponytailed
Eyes: Chocolate brown
Fur: Indian red with black rosettes

Appearance: Sime is tall, lithe and muscular, with darkly tanned, slightly red-toned skin. Her straight, wiry black hair is short and hangs to her shoulders when it's down, but she often ties it back in a pigtail. Her slanted eyes are a deep, chocolate brown, and she has a reddish-brown jaguar tail. In her animal form, she is a large, stocky jaguar with unusually red-toned fur, indian red in color, with black rosettes.
Personality: Sime is often silent and works perfectly well alone. She's not particularly outgoing, but she is friendly and kind. She likes pleasing others, but stands up for herself when she finds it necessary. Nevertheless, more often than not, she is content to follow someone else's lead and avoids taking on leadership roles when she can help it.
Past: Sime is the youngest of three siblings, born to a pair of jaguar-shifters in a pride of cat-shifters. As she grew up, they often avoided contact with humans whenever possible, so she is not very comfortable around humans or other non-shifters. Her younger brother was killed by humans when she was eleven, only fueling her fear and aggression towards humans.
A group of hunters entered their territory recently, and Sime, along with some other teenagers, went to find out what was going on, and decided to spy in cat-form. The hunters, not realizing they were shifters and not real cats, tried to shoot them, and they scattered. Sime, seperated from the rest of her friends, became trapped by the hunters.
Whereupon a bronze dragon appeared, distracting the hunters and allowing her to escape. She then met up with a young man named C'thu, who turned out to be a fellow jaguar-shifter, from another world where he had Impressed a dragon, Onilaath.
Curious, (and a little infatuated with him) she quickly agreed to go with him and visit his home, Darkling Dawn. She stayed there for a while, gaining a pet, a teal-colored creature called a Yeseiinu named Kallic. He looks, pretty much, like a cross between a dog and a bat, with bat-like wings and three large, fluffy tails.
She began to grow bored, but still not wanting to go home, she wasn't quite sure what to do. Someone mentioned a place called Nidus Avengaea, and she was curious enough to check it out. She found out they had clutches open for bonding, and quickly got herself signed up for the first open one she could.

Bond: Yellow Kenata
Standing at:
Nidus Avengaea
Pets: Male Teal Yeseiinu, Kallic
Castle Renaissance
Name: Kenata
Going With: Sime
Gender: Female
Species: Mutt (Old World x Zuruihebi)
Color: Yellow
Adult Size: 2.1m at the shoulder (Medium-Small)
Personality: Kenata has an outgoing and rather enchanting personality; she is personable and capable of wrapping others right around her little claw. This likeable exterior, though, hides a slightly darker side, for she really doesn't care for anyone outside her limited circle of friends. It's her bond first, then herself, and as far as Kenata is concerned, everyone else can go hang. She is quite imaginative and creative, coming up with all kinds of explanations for her behavior, in order to stay on people's good sides.
Abilities: Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation), Invisibility, Size Shifting.