Valltea & Curnal
Valltea & Curnal
Tripaldi SCZ Darkling Dawn
Here you come, to this cathedral in ruins, no doubt looking for me. Now you stand on this unholy ground, desecrated and deserted. Silly human, don't you know I could rip your throat out in a heartbeat? I suppose you don't care, though. To you, I'm simply a beast, a heartless monster who would sooner tear your heart out than look at you. Well, you're right. I am a vampire.
Do your eyes widen in terror? Does your heart beat quicker in your chest? Liar. I can smell your fear. I can hear your heart, its beat, thumping faster...and faster..and faster. Do you think there is anything you can hide from me? I know why you came here. I know all about you. There's no where you can run where I won't catch you, no where to hide that I won't find you. I know who you are now.
Pitiful human. You came here hunting me, but now it is you who are the hunted. The tables have been turned, and justice is served. Can you handle it? Do you think you can defeat me? Valltea, the vampiress who has already killed a thousand times? Better hurry, if you don't kill me now, I might just kill a thousand times more...

You stand in front of me, back to the cross, like a dark mockery of everything that symbol stands for. Do you think I'm a normal human, to cower at your presence? Well, I'm not. I'm Curnal, and I am a vampire hunter. I've stalked the walking dead a thousand times, as often as you say you've killed. Does that surprise you? It should.
Your threats don't frighten me. Did you think I came here alone? I'm never alone...for He is always with me...

Fool. Do you think your God will be able to save you from my wrath? I'm not bound to Him, I am bound to no one. No one is here to stop me from tearing your throat out with my teeth, should I choose to do so.
Poor child. You're an even bigger fool than I imagined, if you think that your God will save you. Look around you, at the crumbling cathedral that surrounds us. This is His house, and it has been disowned and abandoned by its own people. He is not here any longer.

He is always here. He is everywhere. You cannot win, vampire, for He is my strength and shield. I need fear no one, least of all you.

Where is your God? Show Him to me! Where is He when millions suffer in vain? Where is He, why does He show such mercy to you selfish humans? Tell me, hunter, why does He forgive you in an instant, and say nothing of forgiveness or mercy to us?

Have you ever asked?

Shut up! Your God is dead, and you are at my mercy. Enough talk, put up your sword and shield and fight! Kill me, or I will tear you limb from limb-

What is this new creature who interrupts our fight? Could it be? A dragon?

What a fierce creature, and yet so easily tamed, by a mere human, no less? I wonder, where could I find such a creature for myself? I'd go to the ends of the earth for this...a dragon.

It seems you may have to do just that, and more. But make no mistake; no matter how far you go and wherever you are eventually drawn to, I will be right behind you. Our battle has not been finished before it started, it has only been postponed.

Alright, hunter. I'll wait. But it is far from over...
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