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Information on Using VoyCabulary
VoyCabulary makes the words on any webpage into links so you can look them up in a dictionary or other word-reference-site of your choice, by simply clicking on the words.

Anytime you find yourself reading a webpage with words you wish to look-up, try running the page through VoyCabulary and just click on the words! For instance, if you are reading a page with complicated words, like when reading Medical pages, or perhaps reading a page in Spanish and frequently need to look-up the English equivalents, see if VoyCabulary can help you out!

Sound complicated? It's actually quite simple, just put in a URL to your favorite website (try The Poisons & Antidotes Page), or type in a sentence. Once you're at the page, click on any word to look it up - It's that easy!

If you're confused, check out our Help Page.

One last note:
You can click the [V] image to follow links like normal.
(This is because many webpages have words that are already links, that is, they take you to another page. However, because VoyCabulary makes this word take you to a dictionary, VoyCabulary provides the original link for you as the little [V] button.)

To find dictionaries in over 260 languages (and many topics), try: http://www.yourdictionary.com/
...if you find a dictionary you feel should be on VoyCabulary, please Contact Us.

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