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Name: Homer Jay Simpson
Age: 39
Weight: Between 239 and 260 lbs
Catch phrase: D'oh
Occupation: Safety Inspector in Sector 7G of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Former Jobs: Bowlarama pin monkey, Astronaut, Mascot for Springfield Isotopes, Manager for country singer Lurleen Lumpkin, Voice of Poochie, was a owner of Mr. Plow snow plowing service, and a cook in a diner
Favorite Drink: Duff
Favorite Store: The Kwik-E-Mart
Favorite Foods: Donuts, steak, pork chops, Krusty Burgers, and bulk seafood
Name: Marge Simpson
Age: 34
Shoe size: 13AA
Hair dye: Blue# 56
Catch phrase: Hrmm
Former Jobs: Police officer, pretzel franchisee, waitress in a diner, substitute teacher at Springfield Elementary, and worker at nuclear power plant
Favorite Singer: Tom Jones
Name: Bartholomew J. Simpson
Age: 10
Known aliases: El Barto, Rudiger
First word: Ay carumba!
Catch phrase: Ay carumba, Eat my shorts, Don't have a cow man, I didn't do it
Idol: Krusty the Clown
Discoveries: Blinky the three eyed fish, and a comet that destroyed Ned's bomb shelter
Former job: Broom boy in a diner
Name: Lisa SImpson
Age: 8
Plays: Saxophone
First word: Bart
Catch phrase: N/A
Obsession: Ponies
Once addicted to: The Corey Hotline and Trucker's Choice Stay-Awake pills
Former Job: Mop girl in a diner
Name: Maggie Simpson
Age: 1
Price: (According to supermarket scanner) $847.63
First word: Daddy
Catch Phrase: Suck. Suck.
Enemy: Gerald, the baby with one eyebrow