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There are many games at Six Flags Over Georgia some that are even right for you, yes you, even if you don't like games. Here is a sample of most of the games and the rules.
Rules may very game to game, always check with the game attendent for official rules.
With the addition of Goliath the following information should be considered out-dated!
"Watergun Racing"
Top Glo Lickskillet (pictured left)
Top Glo Cotton States
Top Glo 2 (USA)
Spiral Mania (USA)
Lite 'em Up (Cofederate)  (pictured bottom left)
Gotham City Waterworks
Rising Waters (Cotton States)

These games are all group games, you need at least 2 players to start. First person to get their toy to the finishline wins, there is a winner every race.
Most games have a first prize, them trade in two for any choice prize.
Other racing games
Wack-A-Mole USA
Wack-A-Mole Cotton States
When the moles pop up hit them back down. Each mole is 10 points, first person to 150 points wins a first prize. Trade in two 1st prizes for a choice prize.

Roll-A-Ball USA
Roll-A-Ball Cotton States
Roll the balls back up into seperate holes, slow, fast and faster. Which ever hole you hit will make your car go that fast or slow. First person to the finish line wins.
Stregnth Games
High-Stricker {USA} (pictured left) is the newest game. 40 Foot high!
Power Stricker {Gotham City}
Power Stricker {Cotton States}

Take a mallet and hit it hard. You have three attempts to the top.
Plate Break (Cotton States) With a baseball break a plate on the wall.
1 plate wins small. 2 wins medium, 3 wins big prize..

Pool Hall (USA, Cotton States) 4 shot run.

Skee Ball (USA, Cotton States)  You have 6 balls to get 220 points to win.

Bank a Ball (USA, Cotton States)  Hit the back board and get the ball into the bucket for any BIG prize.
Guess Your Weight or Age (USA, Lickskillet). If attendent cannot guess your age or weight (your choice) you get a choice prize. Very easy game.

Slam Dunk basketball games can be found in Gotham City, Lickskillet, Cotton States and 2 in USA

Bockbuster (USA, Cotton States) Knock all the blocks off the table with a baseball and get any BIG prize.

Gun Ball (Cotton States, USA) a gun that pops out a ball to 3 cups on a table. knock them off for any BIG prize.