Sizzlers News Nov. 15, 2008:

OK, getting around to posting a LOT of cool stuff. Keep checking the "Latest Additions" page.

Sizzlers News March 25, 2008:

Acquired some new prototypes. Details and photos forthcoming. Also have many more cars to add to the "Latest Additions" page. Also getting ready for the fall 2008 Convention. Woo-Hoo! Looks like all the Sizzlers are gone from the Target stores now. Rumor has it at the "Dollar Stores" you can still find cars. I did pick up a few cars and Power Pits on clearance before they were all gone. Well, it was nice while it lasted! I'm glad Mattel did this because my nephews got to relive the kind of fun I had when I was a kid.

Sizzlers News October 16, 2007:

SIZZLERKING BRINGS HOME THE GOLD!!! Two first place finishes in the Long and Short Battery "Vintage" Sizzlers Races for the Sizzlerking! Sizzlerking prepped cars also finished 2nd and 3rd in the short battery for a SWEEP, and 3rd in the Long Battery. ALMOST A COMPLETE SWEEP! There was some great racing in Garden Grove this year. GHETTO VAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!! Click HERE for details.

Sizzlers News July 9, 2007:


Oh yeah, Mattel has releaased the following FOUR new models of OLD redline Hot Wheels cars:

Rodger Dodger

Heavy Chevy

Olds 442

'57 Chevy Truck

They are available in Target stores NOW! Word has it that Sizzlers will be discontinued in 2008. SO GET THEM NOW WHILE YOU CAN. Oh yeah, I am LOVING IT!!!!!!!

Sizzlers News January 13, 2007:

Take a look around the site. I am completely restructuring the entire site, including re-photographing most of the cars. There has not been an update to my website like this ever. There will be literally HUNDREDS of new photographs, new car additions, new info and much more when the re-vamp is complete. Many photos were substandard, and information was out of date. So, stay tuned to this page for more updates as they are available.

Sizzlers News December 19, 2006:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM SIZZLERKING! I hope that there are a lot of young kids getting SIZZLERS for Christmas this year! Mattel is releasing more new colors of the RI Sizzlers. Just got a Blue Live Wire and Copper Angelino today. Have seen a Silver Camaro too.

For those who don't know, I DID attend the 20th Annual Hot Wheels Convention in Irvine this year. I placed first in Sizzlers Long battery Competition, and the "Ghetto Van" which I prepped placed third in the short battery competition. Two of my cars also placed second and third in the children's competition.

So, a decent showing for Sizzlerking, considering that I wasn't there last year. I have also picked up a few more prototypes and pre-production cars too. So, photos coming . . . I'll also write a full-report of the convention after the holidays. Have a good one!!!!!!!

Sizzlers News August 15, 2006:

Cars, sets and accessories seem to be regularly available now at Target stores across the U.S. I have recently purchased the Giant "O" Race Set, Mad Scatter Set, Juice Machine, Race Case and a few cubed cars. For a race report, CLICK HERE

Sizzlers News June 10, 2006:

HOT from the Mattel news desk. PICS OF THE NEW SIZZLERS:


New Spoil Sport


Race Case


Mad Scatter Set

I REALLY like the new look here. I also like the fact that the traditional artwork and lineage remains. And REDLINES on the cars!!! How COOL is that? July is coming up. Cars should be available at Target stores in July. WOO-HOO!


CAN YOU DIG IT?!?!?!?!

From the Hot Wheels News Desk:

HWC John

HWC Administrator

Location: Hot Wheels, CA, USA

As annouced at the Nationals in Atlanta, Sizzlers are coming back this Fall! What will be coming out this Fall (exclusively at Target):

1. 8 original Sizzlers vehicles (retools of 8 popular Sizzlers designs) (SRP $8)

2. the Juice Machine (SRP $10)

3. the Mad Scatter set (Goose Pump, bumper, and a Sizzlers car) (SRP $10)

4. FAT TRACK is back! We're launching with the Big "O" trackset, which includes a Fat Track oval, one Sizzlers car and a Juice Machine. (SRP $25-30)

5. Sizzlers carry case that holds four cars plus a Juice Machine. One car is included in the case. (SRP $17-20)

Look for these to start hitting Target stores in July. I'll post some pictures as soon as I have them.

Thanks, John

PS - Special thanks to Mike Grove and Mike Strauss for their help in making this happen.

Special note from Sizzlerking - Right on Mattel! Glad you decided to make a run at it!!!!

Big thumbs up to Mike Grove and to Mike Strauss!

  • Working on again updating this site. I have a LOT of stuff that has passed through my hands in the last couple of years that I want to get on here. So, get ready for some new items FINALLY! I also added a new section called Events. Click on the link in the navigation bar to the left to check it out.

  • Hey, hey! I'm coming out of hiding. I will be doing a seminar and helping with the Sizzlers races at the Texas Regionals June 2nd - 5th here in San Antonio. So, if you want a car, or need some work done for this event, contact me ASAP! See you there!

  • Well, another year has come and gone. I have moved the Sizzlerking operation back to San Antonio. This site will still be maintained, but I am focusing on other things at the moment. The '04 Irvine convention was pretty fun, although I didn't get to race. Got a couple of Mexican Sizzlers and a sealed Lamborghini. Sold a lot too. Did meet a few other Mattel employees from the old days. Was a great time.

  • Sizzlerking has short and long-chassis NiMH Power Green batteries in stock! e-mail me for prices. For performance notes, see battery information.

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