Here are my favorite Christian links.

Our Christmas Eve Prayer - From us, for you to share with your whole family Merry Christmas

Great Real Audio Links 

Missler Report -
This Week's Radio Shows or Archived Radio Shows

Turning Point Ministries
This Week's Radio Shows or Archived Radio Shows - The Gathering Place for Christian Broadcasting! 

Involved Christian Radio Network - Sponsored by National Religious Broadcasters

Biblical Prophecy Links
Rapture Ready - Watch the signs of the times 

Prophezine - FREE 40+ page newsletter 

Weekend News Today - Watch current events in a biblical perspective

Weekend Discusion Group - Discuss current biblical Prophecy Great site that explains a lot about Prophecy

Other Links
  My Favorite Rock Band - Jars of Clay
Bible Studies...and other good stuff  - 
Good page that will answer some basic questions about ou faith. - The 911 Handbook. 
Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement -
Watch as they work to restore G_d's temple.