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Almost Everything You Need to Know About Your Packard Bell Computer


All computers can be upgraded to some extent and Packard Bell computers are no exception. In fact I find my computer to be highly upgradable. With the right information and some money you can push your system beyond it's limits. You can extend the life of your system or atleast some of the componants. Of course there always comes a day when you are better off buying a new computer, as technology marches on.

Index of Upgrade Section
Product Reviews
Disabling the Internal Modem
Evergreen Accelera PCI 466 MHz
The Truth About Windows 2000
PL-Renaissance/AT - Coming Soon
Which Slot?
Before You Upgrade
PowerLeap Adapter PL-PRO/MMX
What to Buy
PowerLeap Adapter PL-PRO/MMX Plus
Overclocking FAQ
PowerLeap With a 233MHz Intel
Formating OSR2 with Fat 32
PowerLeap With an AMD K6-2 300 MHz
Adding L2 cache to a PB 680
Powerleap PL-ProMMX AMD K6-III/400 Adapter"
Video Upgrades
Evergreen MxPro
CPU Upgrade
Evergreen Spectra 333
Hard Drive - Part 1 Part 2
Motherboard Upgrades
AMD K6-2 vs. AMD K6-III
Is it Worth it to Upgrade?
Future Products from PowerLeap
Cable Modem Instalation
A Solution for Computers without L2 cache
Want Your Product Reviewed?
Read Real Upgrade Stories From Packard Bell Owners
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PB 770

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