Just call me "Kukana" and I will answer   I am interested in a great number of things including: art with its traditions, music, nature, historical reenactments,  sewing,  other creative processes, family, and people in general. Because of this I  find myself involved in many types of different activities such as renaissance faires, tutoring learning disabled children, art galleries, music/coffee  houses, and other volunteer organizations..  One of the  benefits includes meeting many interesting people.  I am grateful for those who have touched my life..
Going to renaissance faires as a family vacation, my youngest daughter and I realized immediately that we "had" to get involved.  That was over 15 years ago.  The first couple years we dressed as gypsies, but quickly realized that was not nearly enough to quench our hungering spirits.  Bristol Renaissance Faire became the first faire we "officially" became part of.  I researched what a middle-class Celtic merchant would have worn and became part of the Faire demonstrating Iife crafts and playing music.
A few years ago I demonstrated at the Indiana Renaissance Faire in Valparaiso and the Metea Renaissance Faire in Fort Wayne - both in Indiana. 
    In 2002 I demonstrated the batiking of eggs at the Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire in Galesburg, MI near Kalamazoo. As I "write"each egg, I explain the meanings of the symbolism and colors, also sharing the history and tradition of this fine art.
           Although I teach the traditional symoblism, I encourage those who are about to make their first egg, to look within and search for those symbols which have personal significance and to incorporate them in their designs.  I have shared this art at churches, schools, renaissance faires, and other festivals throughout the Midwest.
    Needing to dress appropriately for travel as we go from one time period to another, I sew our clothing.  I research and then design each as authentically as I can.  It gives me great pleasure to see my friends and others enjoying themselves as we live in a different time...

One of my other favorite places to go each October is "Feast of the Hunter's Moon" at Fort Quiatenon, located  on the Wabash River near Lafayette, Indiana. This reenactment depicts daily life as it was lived when it was an active French outpost during the 18th century.  Someday I hope to demonstrate life crafts or play music there as I have in other places.  Whenever we travel, people automatically think we are participants in our authentic dress.  We are often asked questions or directions.  We always smile and answer them the  best we can.
" Inspirations"
poetry and prose by Susan