Slave Equipment

"He had put the bells on me. It is often men who put slave bells on their girls. Such bells are indicative of bondage."
-Dancer of Gor
"The sound was tiny, rich, and sensuous. They were slave bells. They would draw men to my body. I moved slightly. I felt them stir on my body and on the loops that held them. So slight a movement made them sound! I, miserable, was caught in their lewd, delicious rustle. I suppose the sound of the bells, objectively considered, is rather lovely. Yet of theirs was a music of bondage, one which, in its tiny, delicious sounds, rustling, whispered, 'Kajira, Kajira.' They said, 'You are nothing, Girl. You are a belled Kajira. You are nothing, Girl. You exist for the pleasure of men. Please them well, lovely Kajira.'"
-Slave Girl of Gor

binding fiber:
stout twine made of strips of leather or of a fiber like hemp; a piece long enough to circle a slavegirl's waist 2-3 times is often used as a belt for her slave tunic

binding strap:
a strap 3/4" wide and 18" long commonly used for binding the wrists and/or ankles of prisoners and slaves

branding rack:
a device to which a new slave is chained for branding; the slaves hands are chained above their head, but the rest of their body is free to move, except for whichever thigh is to be branded, this being held motionless in a large vise

a method of chaining a line of slaves together for trekking; common methods are to link the slaves by the left ankle, left wrist, or throat; also, the line of slaves itself

any of several iron or steel devices that fit around the neck of a slave; in Torvaldsland, they are of iron, hinged, and fastened with a rivet

collar, dance:
a collar to which light-weight chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer; a common type consists of a large oval of chain roughly 3 yd. in circumference, to which wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs are attached; once the two sides of the oval have been attached to a ring on the collar, the chain gives about 36" of play for each hand, and 18" play for each foot; much used in the Tahari

collar, lock:
a hinged collar easily removed by the use of a key; usually of flat stock, c. 1-1/2" to 2" high; usually worn by trained slaves; the lock has one pin for each of the letters in the word 'kajira'

collar, plate:
collar of flat stock which is hammered about a slave's neck; usually worn by untrained slaves

collar, Turian:
a slave collar of cylindrical stock, rather than the normal flat stock of northern lock collars; fits more loosely that a lock collar, enabling it to turn around the wearer's neck
"She wore bells locked on both wrists, and on both ankles, thick cuffs and anklets, each with a double line of bells, fastened by steel and key. She wore the Turian collar, rather than the common slave collar. The Turian collar lies loosely on the girl, a round ring; it fits so loosely that, when grasped in a man's fist, the girl can turn within it; the common Gorean collar, on the other hand, is a flat snugly fitting steel band. Both collars lock in the back behind the girl's neck. The Turian collar is more difficult to engrave, but it, like the flat collar, will bear some legend assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her master. Bells had also been affixed to her collar."
-Nomads of Gor

chain; pl. fori - chains

"The cord over Marcus' shoulder, of course, was the slave girdle, which is used to adjust the garment on the slave. Such girdles may be tied in various ways, usually in such ways as to enhance the occupant's figure. Such girdles, too, like the binding fiber with which the camisk is usually secured on a girl, may be used to bind her."
-Magicians of Gor

Harl ring :
I spilled a quantity of chains to the grass. They were Harl rings, named for the slaver Harl of Turia, who is reported to have first used them. They consist, I effect, of four portions. First, there is a metal ankle ring, which snaps about the girl's ankle. Second, to the back of the ring, there is welded a closed loop. Third, to the front of the ring, fastened through another closed loop, is about a yard of chain. Fourth, this chain terminates in a locking device, which may then be snapped shut, if one wishes, through the welded, closed loop on the back of a second ankle ring. The Harl ring is a versatile piece of custodial hardware. It may be used to chain a girl to anything, the ankle ring closed on her ankle, and the locking device at say, about a tree, or stanchion, or the ankle of another girl, and then locked about its own chain, or through one of the links of its own chain. The chain, of course, may also be looped about, say, a tree, or a piller in a public building, and the locking device snapped into the welded ring on the back of the girl's own ankle ring. This is called a closed Harl Loop. One of the most frequent uses of the Harl ring, of course, is to form a segment in a slave chain, which may then be of any length, adding or removing girls, as short or as long as the slaver wishes.

-Hunters of Gor

iron pens:
the subterranean retention facilities in a Slaver's house where slaves are kept for training and prior to sale

the five-bladed slave whip

Indeed, the leash, not uncommonly, can cause a woman to sexually blossom. This is presumably a function of such things as its actual restraint, which is quite real; its message to her that she is an animal, a slave; and its making clear to her, by a device, such as a bracelet, a brand or collar, what is the order of nature, who it is who controls her and who it is whom she must obey, who is the slave and who is the master. A leash, even apart from questions of training, of course, can have powerful emotional impact on a girl. It is a very useful way of convincing a girl that she is slave; similarly it can always serve as an effective reminder. Some girls do not seem to believe they are slaves until they have been leashed. But after that, and after having been put through "leash paces," there is seldom any doubt in their mind. Some girls beg to be leashed, sometimes crawling to their masters, their leash held between their small, fine teeth. Most masters use the leash at one time or another. A Gorean saying has it that a leashed slave is a hot slave.

-Fighting Slave of Gor

devices of various complexity designed to keep a slavegirl's legs spread while being used sexually by her master(s); sometimes used on male captives as an indication of humiliation; used mostly among the Red Savages of the Barrens

plank collar:
a two-piece board hinged at one end and capable of being locked at the other, it has two or more semi-circular holes cut in each side so that it may fit around the necks of more than one slavegirl or slaveboy

pleasure rack:
"The pleasure rack is an interesting device," I said. I examined the wooden wheels, the levers. In virtue of the axes of the device and the various gears and pinions, and the joints, braces, fitted, sliding boards, notches and lock points, it can be adjusted to a variety of positions. To be sure not all the pleasure racks were as sophisticated as that on which was bound my former Mistress, the former female slaver, the Lady Tima of Vonda.

-Rogue of Gor

shipping collar:
a loose, generic collar worn by slaves when being shipped as cargo

stimulation cage:
A stimulation cage is an ornately barred, low-ceilinged cage; it is rather roomy, except for the low ceiling about five feet high. The girl cannot stand erect in it without her head inclined submissively. In such a cage, and in training, when not in such a cage, the girl who is housed in the stimulation cage is not permitted to look directly into the eyes of a male, even a male slave. This is designed, psychologically, to make the girl extremely conscious of males. When she is sold then only, if the master wishes, he may say to her, "You may look into the eyes of your master." When she, frightened, tenderly, timidly lifts her eyes to him, if he should deign to smile upon her, the girl then, in gratitude and joy, at last permitted to relate to another human being, often falls to her knees before him, an adoring slave. When next she looks up, his eyes will be stern, and she will look down, quickly, frightened. "I will try to serve you well, Master," she whispers. The accouterments of the stimulation-cell are also calculated with respect to their effect on the slave. There are brushes, perfumes, cosmetics, slave jewelries, heavy necklaces, armlets, braclets and bangles; there is no clothing; there are also cushions, bowls of copper and lamp of brass. Importantly, there are also surfaces of various textures, a deep-piled rug, satins, silks, coarsely woven kaiila-hair cloths, brocades, rep-cloth, a tiled corner, a sleen pelt, cloths woven of strung beads, cloaks of leather, mats of reeds, etc. The point of this is that the senses and body of the slave, stripped save for brand and collar, and whatever perfumes, cosmetics or jewelries she may wear under the instruction of her trainer, are being taught to be alive, to sense and feel with great sensitivity; the senses and skins of many human beings, in effect, are dead, instead of being alert and alive to hundreds of subtle differences in, say, atmospheres, temperatures, humidities, surfaces, etc. A girl with living senses and a living body, of course is far more passionate than one whose senses and body sleep. The skin itself, in a trained girl, becomes an extensive, glorious, marvelously subtle sensory organ. Every bit of the slave, if she is well trained, is alive. This is done, of course, to make her more helpless under the touch of a master. When she does yield to the master, her guts half torn out with the love of him, then, of course, she is a more satisfactory slave. These indignities of course, are not inflicted on free women. They are permitted to go through life with their eyes half closed; so to speak. In this way they can maintain their self-respect. Sometimes inert, esteemed Gorean free women cry out in rage, not understanding why their companions have forsaken them for the evening, to go to the paga tavern; there, of course, for the price of a cup of paga, he can get his hands on a silken, belled girl, a slave; the free woman must denounce her companion, crying out, for his lusts; too busy for this, however, are the sweet, dark-eyed, sensuous sluts of the paga tavern; they do not have time to denounce the lusts of their master's customers; they am too busy serving and satisfying them. The trainer directs the girl in the cage, or in the exercises, tending, observing, and prescribing, honing her with expertness into a delicious, responsive slave animal, the Gorean girl, collared, in bondage, trained to drive a man mad with desire, and then serve that desire, vulnerably, frequently and absolutely. The girl was thrust through the door, between the guards. I wondered what the trainer would prescribe for her. Girls differ, trainers differ. I glanced at the blondish girl, kneeling to one side, the former Miss Priscilla Blake-Alien. I, if her trainer, would probably put her frequently, at least at first, and later for discipline, in a rope slave harness. After a night in such harness, her wrists braceleted behind her that she might not remove it, I expected Miss Blake-Allen would be suitably docile, and eager to attend to her lessons.
-Tribesmen of Gor

"Then, when I was absolutely naked, a golden collar, to which a chain was attached, with wrist rings and ankle rings, was brought. It was a chaining system of that sort called a sirik. My chin was thrust up and I felt the golden collar locked about my throat. Almost as the same time my wrists, held closely together before me, were locked helplessly in the wrist rings. In another instant, my ankles, held, were helplessly in the ankle rings. A chain then ran from my collar to the chain on my wrist rings and from thence, the same chain, to the chain on my ankle rings. My ankle rings chain was about twelve inches in length, and my wrist chain was about six inches in length. The central chain, where it dangled down from the wrist rings, lay on the floor before the throne, before it looped up to where it was closed about the central link of the ankle ring chain."
-Kajira of Gor

slave goad:
"On the other side of the belt, there hung a slave goad, rather like the tarn goad, except that it is designed to be used as an instrument for the control of human beings rather than tarns. It was, like the tarn goad, developed jointly by the Caste of Physicians and that of the Builders, the Physicians contributing knowledge of the pain fibers of human beings, the networks of nerve endings, and the Builders contributing certain principles and techniques developed in the construction and manufacture of energy bulbs. Unlike the tarn goad which has a simple on-off switch in the handle, the slave goad works with both a switch and a dial, and the intensity of the charge administered can be varied from an infliction which is only distinctly unpleasant to one which is instantly lethal. The slave goad, unknown in most Gorean cities, is almost never used except by professional slavers, probably because of the great expense involved; the tarn goad, by contrast, is a simple instrument. Both goads, interestingly, emit a shower of yellow sparks when touched to an object, a phenomenon which, associated with the pain involved, surely plays its role in producing aversion to the goad, both in tarns and men."
-Assassins of Gor

slave hobble:
The slave hobble consists of two rings, one for a wrist, the other for an ankle, joined by about seven inches of chain. In a right-handed girl, such as either Aphris or Elizabeth, it locks on the right wrist and left ankle. When the girl kneels, in any of the traditional positions of the Gorean woman, either slave or free, it is not uncomfortable.
-Nomads of Gor

slave hood:
a leather hood, having no opening for eyes, mouth, or ears, which covers a slave's entire head; usually has a gag attachment

slave mat:
a course mat to which area a slavegirl may be ordered for discipline or rape; the slave may not leave the mat unless permitted by their master

slave oval:
a method of chain a slavegirl consisting of a hinged iron loop which locks around their waist, with two sliding wrist- rings and a welded ring in the middle of the back

slave pole:
imaginary pole that 'transfixes' a dancing slave, by which the slave is 'held' during the dance

slave ring:
a heavy iron ring, c. 1' in diameter, to which a slave may be secured for security, discipline, or any other reason; often found in floors, attached to the foot of a master's sleeping couch, etc.

slave strap:
a heavy strap or belt which buckles behind the wearer's back; in front, there is a metal plate with a welded ring, through which passes the 4 hort chain of a pair of slave bracelets; designed to keep the wearer's hand before his body

slave trap:
"There was suddenly a great, heavy steel snap at my feet. Arn cried out in pain and fell forward.
Locked on his right ankle were the heavy, sharp steel teeth of a slave trap.
I fought the heavy, curved steel jaws, but they had locked shut. The Gorean slave trap is not held by a simple, heavy spring as would be the trap for a panther or sleen. Such a spring, by a strong man, with his hands, might be thrust open. This trap had sprung shut and locked. The heavy steel curved snugly about his ankle. The sharp teeth, biting deeply, fastened themselves in his flesh. It could only be opened by key.
He would be held perfectly. It was a Gorean slave trap."

-Hunters of Gor

snake whip:
"He would be stripped and bound, wrists over his head, to the post at the bosk shed.
“Fifty strokes,” said the Forkbeard.
“Yes, my Jarl,” said the young man.
“The lash,” said the Forkbeard, “will be the snake.”
His punishment would be heavy indeed. The snake is a single-bladed whip, weighted, of braided leather, eight feet long and about a half an inch to an inch thick. It is capable of lifting the flesh from a man’s back. Sometimes it is set with tiny particles of metal. It was not impossible that he would die under its blows. The snake is to be distinguished from the much more common Gorean slave whip, with its five broad striking surfaces. The latter whip, commonly used on females, punishes terribly; it has, however, the ad-vantage of not marking the victim. No one is much con-cerned, of course, with whether or not a thrall is marked . A girl with an unmarked back, commonly, will bring a much hlgher price than a comparable wench, if her back be much-ly scarred. Men commonly relish a smooth female, except for the brand scar. In Turia and Ar, it might be mentioned it is not uncommon for a female slave to be depilated."
-Marauders of Gor

walking chains:
This is another item used primarily in the Tahari region. In this region, a well measured stride is thought to be very appealing. Though men dispute the proper length of this stride, it is probable that the proper length would vary from girl to girl. As some girls have longer legs than others, their strides would also vary. The walking chains consist of two ankle manacles connceted by an adjustable chain. The chain can commonly be adjusted from lengths of two inches up to twenty inches. In the Tahari region, even some free women will measure their stride, using silk or leather thongs. There are even some free women who will use a walking chain.

The common Gorean slave whip, also known as a kurt or quirt, has five broad, flexible straps. Each leather strap is about two and a half feet long and one and a half inches wide. The whip handle is eighteen inches long and has a loop on its butt end so it can be hung from a hook on a wall or a belt. Though it may leave a temporary welt, it doesn't permanently mark a victim. Thus, this whip is favored as a means of discipline as it will cause pain without causing injury. Other types of whips exist such as the one-bladed bosk whip and the snake.

whipping ring:
This device consists of an iron ring set into the ceiling. A chain descends from this ring and ends in a six-inch diameter ring. A person's hands are then tethered to this ring. Through the use of the chain, the person's hands can be raised above their head and the person can even be raised up a bit. The person might be permitted to only stand on their toes. The person is then ready for a whipping.

The Northern yoke is either of wood or bone, and is drilled in three places. The one Thistle wore was of wood. It was not heavy. It passed behind her neck at which point one of the drilled holes occurred. The other two holes occurred at the terminations of the yoke. A leather strap is knotted about the girls wrist, passed through the drilled hole at one end of the yoke, usually that on her left, taken up through the hole behind the neck, looped twice about her neck, threaded back down the end, usually the one on her right, and tied about her right wrist. She is thus fastened to the yoke. From each end of the yoke there hung a large sack.

-Beasts of Gor

Quotes referenced on this site are from the series of books, Chronicles of Counter Earth, of the planet Gor.
-authored by John Norman