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"It's The Smashing Pumpkins. That was my stupid idea."
-Billy Corgan...

"We love our band. We're very proud of the music that we make, and we'll fight for it. If you don't like it *you know* we'll be the first to tell you fu*k off. *but uh* We live under *like* lucky stars. All of our dreams have come true, and more so. We got to meet many of our heros, play in front of millions and millions of people, sell millions and millions of records, and part of our culture and our generation. I won't demote that at all." -Billy Corgan, '98

goodbye.  =(

the new powerful pumpkins Billy Corgan - vocals, guitar

James Iha - guitar

Melissa Auf Der Maur - bass

Jimmy Chamberlin - drums

*she will be missed*
D'Arcy - bass

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"...we're so sick of everyone doing these extremely calculated *you know* rock moves. And this is how you do your videos, and this is how you do your albums, and this is how you are as a band, and this is what you say. So, it's just a total reaction against the way that everything is..."
-Billy Corgan, Jan. '97

*zero* lego billy

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