Your Mom is a horny, hip-hoppin' freak.
Round the block so many times when it rains her booty leaks.
The only chick who signed up for 7 tours at 'Nam,
Dude, you got yourself a slam, bam sex mom.

Send your Father and your Brother out of town.
Parties are SRO at your wig wam.
We don't sit around singing silly Psalms.
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All in the family takes on a whole new meaning,
When you got your own Mom counting tiles up on the ceiling.
Your brother don't need a date for the prom,
Cause he's got the one and only, dirty sex mom.

Junior can rest his weary palm.
All his homee's think she is the goddamn bomb.
Her black book is on CD-ROM.
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Family reunion is like a porno tape,
Cause your Mom is not woman who will discriminate.
Cousin Wilbur, Grampa Ned or Creepy Uncle Tom.
Doesn't matter when you're a jock-rockin sex mom.

Hot and heavy for a while then it's calm.
She'll do ya til she's done and then she's gone.
When it's over you'll need some soothing balm.
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This song is on the Whitee Release Pack The Lamb.

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