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Hi, I'm Sharon and for a college assignment I had to make a little homepage to let you know a few things about me. This is the section where I had to write a small paragraph about myself. So I did. See.

My family members are:

Mum - She's a teacher

Dad - He's a kept man

Gerard - He's an Aussie

Tim - He's got a weird beard

Bede - He thinks he's spunky

Gotta love'em!


Yep, you guessed it, This is me!
(You have to work a bit harder to see the rest of the family!)

Kevin, Kelly and Chris

These guys aren't part of my actual family but I've kinda adopted them.

Kevin and Kelly are my US host brother and sister and they're pictured with Kev's buddy "The Mouth."

Take a look at my website!
It is a resource for kids who want to know a bit about New Zealand

This is my resume
It is an up-to-date record of my achievements

This is my photo album
It has photos of my family, friends and places I've been in the last few years

This is my old photo album
It has photos of my family, friends and some of the places I've been

This is my dad's web page.
It has heaps of interesting stuff about New Zealand and our family

See me live on my webcam. View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam.