So, what do you want to know?

You want to know who I am? You sure you don't want to know who you are?

Well I guess I could tell you something...



My name? Well... depending on how you know me, my name is Sunshine, Cati or Cat :o)
My age? I NEVER tell people I don't know very well my age... and therefore, chuck, I ain't gonna tell YOU!
What do I do? Well right now not a lot... I am officially a student... so I go to lectures and stuff, and err that's about it... My uni home.
...And I have a sister :-)
And a fiance....


So, what else do I think you should know?

First and foremost, A smile is a curve that puts a lot of things straight
Second, a hug is one of the best things in the world. Why? Because it's free, it gives you this warm, loved feeling, and best of all because you'll almost always get one back :o)
And last of all, never forget that fridges don't climb trees ;-)


A few little links...

Some random poetry type stuff that I rather like.
This has to be one of the most *amazing* photos on the web - a jet actually breaking the sound barrier
My sister's cool web page! (Which she has changed now that exams have finished...)
The Quakers - u19s site.
An excellent smilies page.
My (very random) picture gallery.
Sunshine and Rainbows
Oh yeah and to get back here from the poem-type pages click on the smiling sunshine :-)


Well just one more thing now..


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