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Writings from the heart

Some times you meet someone who you know is your soul mate, someone who is everything you've ever looked for in a person, and just never thought you'd ever be lucky enough to find

You spend every waking hour thinking about him, and you feel like your a teenager all over again. Only this time you know the mistakes you've made and vow not to repeat them. Now that you are older you find that your still ruled by love and a desire to be loved in return.

Well this is a diary of my journey into life and love, even now as a woman of 45, dealing with a man I love with all my heart, and the daily struggle of raising two teenage daughters and one grandson all under one roof.

Now I won't profess it all to be captivating, or witty beyond belief,,no that much I can say, but it will be honest, outspoken, to the point and most of all from the heart.

Sometimes I'll want to cry, because my oldest daughter is a mother way to early in her life and I'm worried about my grandson. But most of the time though it will be just a wonderful way to get everything off my chest, and for that I thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings........Katt


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