Mr. Velislav (Slavi) Minekov is among the most renowned and important Bulgarian sculptors, from the generation that makes a transition from traditional art to the new trends marking a shift in the artistic situation. His works are a combination of outstanding professional skills, delicate irony and entertainment in the best possible sense. Besides, he does not yield to the 'market' profanation but manages to introduce relevant issues and modern worldview into classical sculpture. 

Diana Popova,
Art Expert for the Kultura newspaper

The fathers - and here Velislav has the mighty figure of one of the most distinguished contemporary sculptors standing behind him - had a cult of the pure plastic of form. In its tides they used to seek and attain the message of the work. 
If the sons - Velislav being among them by vocation - were to stick to the same matter, they should have found they own ways. Because the world is different now. Because man has changed. The paradoxes of today are mirrored in the stone plastic of Mr. Velislav Minekov. Metal and stone, in union and conflict, meet each other to give image to oddities and fears, to philosophical reflections and playful whims. And this modern mentality is achieved with refined aestheticism and professional culture. 

Dr. Rouzha Marinska
National Art Gallery, Sofia


Mr. Velislav Minekov creates his works with an intellectual pleasure that leaves the viewer fascinated and entranced, preoccupied with thought and committed in his perception. 
In every single work the author penetrates and, at the same time, confides to a 'complicity in the discovery'. 
The works of Mr. Minekov are both 'modern' in their mysteriousness and 'classical' in their details.
This is a challenging plastic play, which is extremely personal and has its definite place in the new art of Europe. 

Prof. Ivan Gazdov
National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia







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