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Elissa 2 - 12/22/00 06:05:23
My Email:Camille198@aol.com

Hi Mike! Very cool chart! Looks like you're doing a great job on your numbers.

Sue Leuner - 11/25/00 04:49:38
My Email:dfocus@worldonline.co.za

Thanks! What a treat. Love to use some of your humour to lighten up the pages of our diabetes magazine. You are a star!

Richard Jacquemart - 09/20/00 17:06:55
My Email:jmart7@prodigy.net

Great humor. I have T2 since I was 37 yoa..Im now 59 and still trying to do my daily dozen to keep fit..Sometimes its a drag but whats the alternative..Thanks for the chuckles I got from your humor page..

Jill Young - 09/14/00 07:22:21
My URL:http://www.jillcyoung.com
My Email:megazon@adelphia.net

Just what I was looking for to help me cope with this challenging disease. I've needed this humorous antidote for 15 years of blues due to insulin resistance syndrome. Thanks bunches for putting up this sight!

matt coleman - 09/03/00 16:07:21
My Email:mcoleman@fair1.fairfield.edu

Wonderful site, Mike! Matt

Matt Coleman - 09/03/00 04:27:01
My Email:mcoleman@fair1.fairfield.edu

Thanks, Mike!

Monika C. - 08/27/00 20:27:45
My Email:Mcapel@webtv.net

As a Type 1 diabetic, I really enjoyed the diabetic humor! It was so refreshing to "lighten up a little" where my diabetes is concerned and just not take it all so seriously for a bit...Thanks!

Grace - 08/22/00 03:07:52
My Email:maori_ink@hotmail.com

Great fun...but when are you going to updatet his page? I have been searching for good "Diabetes Humor" on the web and it seems hard to find. Please update this page!!! Grace

Joan - 08/11/00 15:27:12
My Email:Humhumbaby@cs.com

Your comics and jokes are great! Do you mind if I print the comics and post them at my Dialysis unit? There are a lot of diabetics there and they would get a kick out of them! Thanks! Joan

Jim Davenport - 07/31/00 02:55:32
My Email:jimjanie@fone.net

It's a fantastic collection. You need to exhibit it to call more attention to the problem, and possible future cures. Keep up the good work!!

John Keeler - 07/29/00 23:12:36
My Email:johnkeeler@eircom.net


Diana - 07/21/00 06:19:29
My Email:dmo-s@worldnet.att.net

Hi Mike You have a wonderful site here. You do a very good job. I am glad to know you in ASD. You are a light of this world. Never change. Di

sue - 07/09/00 03:21:25
My Email:rappinmama@aol.com

Thanks so much for your humor site. I needed that.

Pam Chandler - 07/07/00 16:54:17
My Email:soonergal@mmcable.com

Love the comics! Great idea to have the diabetic humor page. Keep up the good work! And keep us posted on the Delphi Board too.

Cheri Jones - 07/07/00 16:20:04
My URL:http://home.communique.net/~kada
My Email:kada@communique.net

Hi Mike....I found your website via the WHW webring. You've created a most impressive and informative site that is extremely easy to navigate and gather information. As a 10 year breast cancer survivor, I give you my "thanks" for all that you are doin in promoting breast cancer awareness in others. HUGS from me to you, Cheri

Maradi Burduli - 06/29/00 08:58:49
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/maradiburduli
My Email:burduli@mail.ru

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Hilary Nurse - 06/24/00 08:47:23
My URL:http://oocities.com/hilarynu
My Email:h.nurse@virgin.net

I just caught up with your diabetes area (via the newsgroup) its a good start. While your have life,strength and commitment keep it updated so that fellow diabetics can share. Hilary T2,4/99 4x500mg Metformin + Hypertension

Peter Messer - 06/20/00 20:41:44
My Email:petrus-01@gmx.de

Congratulations to your presentation !!! I found it searching the net for radiology and cancer on stamps as going to a new field in collecting stamps. Once again - really fantastic. Go one !! Regards Peter

Zuk Andrei - 04/14/00 19:18:07
My Email:zuk_andrei@hotmaol.com

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Doris Gold - 02/12/00 22:25:00
My Email:DorisGfdc@aol.com

Mike, I finally got to view your site. it is very well done, easy to read, nicely arranged. I'll look more in depth at another time. Take care. Doris

Mary Kroth - 02/12/00 00:55:29
My Email:marykroth@yahoo.com

What a great page on cancer cachets. I'm just starting to learn about them (cachets) and you have some truly great examples. Mary

Ron Festine - 02/05/00 13:24:41
My URL:http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/jaibaba/
My Email:rfestine@teleport.com

Mike your page is an excellent example of how an item we take for granted - the postage stamp - can inform, educate and inspire! Good work

Robert Smith - 01/19/00 21:29:51
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/robert_smith_9608639
My Email:robert_smith_9608639@yahoo.com

Another excellent Cancer site, Mike. Are you planning in exhibiting in a stamp show soon? I certainly think it would be worth showing everyone else your great collection.

Mike Smith - 01/19/00 12:29:15
My URL:http://www.in.net/~smith/BreastFDC.htm
My Email:smith@in.net

Welcome to my Guestbook. I hope you take a minute and sign in. I look forward to reading your comments.

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