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 Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa: the late and much undervalued composer, guitarist, satirist, humourist and social engineer consultant.  I know there are a whole host of web sites out there with something original to say about our dearly departed Frankie and related topics (see, for example, the Conceptual Continuity--The First Frank Zappa Webring).  Here's a selection of my favourite places to visit.
The official Zappa Family Trust page.  Not updated regularly but includes guestbook abuse.
Cal Shenkel's Homepage.  (The guy who's artwork graces the covers of so many Zappa albums.)  You can trust Cal to be a little original.
THE IDIOT a UK Frank Zappa news site
Rykodisc.  (The record company with the mostest.) Folow the Zappa link on the main page.
Philm Freax Digital Archive.  Some original (and don't they just tell you so) photos of Zappa and friends.
The Big Note a relatively new site, on internet near you now

Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel: the late  and much undervalued Belgian chanteur whose songs have been popularised in the English-speaking world by such eminent artistes as David Bowie (My Death, Amsterdam), Marc Almond (a whole album of covers!) and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band (Next) and by less eminent musicians as Terry Jacks (Seasons in the Sun, groan).  However, nothing compares to the emotion, the passion of the man himself in the original French or, occasionally, Flemish.

Jacques Brel - Site officiel

The Residents

If you think Frank Zappa is weird, you obviously don't know The Residents.  Shame on you.

RZWEB The Official Unofficial Guide to the Works of The Residents

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