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I've had 10 car covers over the last 12 years on my '88.   In south Florida they don't last more than 1 year.  I have had a number of Evolution 4 custom fit covers at about $125 (available from Autoxtra, 800-331-9872).   Almost all of the car covers advertised for sale in the car magazines are made by CoverCraft in California.

After about 6 month's use, the Evolution 4 cover starts to break down and it leaves a dust residue on the vehicle.  After about a year, the material is easily torn and leaves so much dust, that you have to wipe the car down after removing the cover.  I now cover the Evolution 4 cover with a Budge Premier Tyvek Semi-Custom, Size 3, available at Wal-Mart for $40. It's guaranteed for 5 years. After about a year, the material is no longer waterproof and tears easily.  I sent the worn cover back to the manufacturer and received a new one for free as per their warranty.

I have seen the NOAH material in use and it doesn't seem hold up as well as the Evolution 4.  It's also more expensive, but doesn't absorb as much water.  The best material, by far, for outdoor use is Ultralon, which is rarely seen but can be ordered in custom fit covers.  This material absorbs zero water and will last a long time.  I used it as a day cover at work, but not for longer term storage because it doesn't breathe and traps moisture under it.  It was twice the cost of the Evolution 4 cover but will last more than twice as long.  You can even get custom covers made in Sunbrella which are about $500. This material is used as marine sun coverings (sail covers, bimini tops) and will last more than 10 years in the tropical sun.   Both of these last two materials are better used over a softer cover which is easier on the car's paint.

If, you want to wash any of these covers, do it in a garbage pail or on the vehicle.   Every one of them will be ruined if you attempt to dry them in an automatic clothes dryer.  Even just air fluff will take half the life out of the cover.  Just let it air dry on the vehicle.


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Revised: September 22, 2001 09:18 PM