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In the February, 1991 edition of Popular Mechanics, the "Car Clinic" by Mike Allen had the following:

Fogged Out

"I have a 1988 Ford Mustang GT.  After about 20 minutes with my headlights and fog lights on at the same time, the headlights blink intermittently."

Victor Alberico

Watertown, MA

"I rarely find the answer to a Car Clinic problem covered in a TSB, but every now and then...

Ford TSB 89-17-11 says this is caused by overheating in the headlamp circuit.  It's a phenomenon affecting '83-'89 Escorts, '83-'87 EXPs and '87-'88 Mustangs.  You'll need to replace the headlamp and dimmer switches, several connectors, and then bypass the wiring in the circuit with new 12ga wire run alongside the original harness.  It's supposed to take 1.3 hours for a service technician to do this, and you ought to see if the dealer will still do the repair under warranty."


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