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Anniversary Party

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Wow! I need to brush the dust off this web site!
(03/29/03) SML
Christmas 2001!!
(Updated 01/01/02)

(Updated 11/02/01)

Another Autumn Day
(about a week later) 2001
(Updated 10/20/01)

An Autumn Day 2001
(Updated 10/20/01)

Pumkin Patch 2001
(Updated 10/08/01)

A pleasant day
on Pleasant Street
(Updated 09/17/01)

First Day of School 2001
(Updated 08/30/01)
Jessie's First Holy Communion
(Updated 05/20/01)
Just another day!
(Updated 04/20/01)
Easter Morning 2001
(Updated 04/15/01)
Karen makes a mess!
(Updated 03/06/01)
Winter Wonderland
or March Madness!

(Updated 03/06/01)
Samantha Ann!!!
(Updated 09/10/00)
Pictures of the kids...
(Updated 06/17/00)
10 Year Wedding Anniversary Party!
(Updated a while ago)
Building our house...
(Updated 06/25/00 - total revision!)