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E.T. says these are great to nibble on while waiting for dinner
Cheese Puffs Cheese Puffs
These light and flaky cheese puffs will disappear faster than a mouse in your house!
Nachos Nachos
Topped with chili and cheese...lotsa cheese, these are E.T.'s favorite snack.
Chicken Skewers Chicken Skewers
Enough for a table for four, or a dinner for yourself, the chicken is grilled to purr-fection.
Steak Strips Steak Strips
Tender, grilled steak wiff buttery garlic bread. Whisker-lickin good!

Main Courses

Mewsette says to try them all, but just not all at once
Crab Legs Crab Legs
Only the finest, flown in daily from Alaska...with plenty of melted butter! Mewsette's favorite!
Shrimp Kebabs Shrimp Kebabs
Loaded with big, succulent shrimp, Mewsette says these are the best kebobs efur made!
Shrimp Scampi Shrimp Scampi
Jumbo shrimp dripping in butter and served wiff angelhair pasta. One of Phelicity's favorites!
Barbeque Ribs Barbeque Ribs
Smoked till da meat falls off da bone, but tastes so good, you won't let it fall far! E.T.'s favorite.
Fried Shrimp Fried Shrimp
Fried golden brown and efur so yummy, Ginger recommends these.
Meatloaf Meatloaf
No onions in this meatloaf, it's just like meowmie makes. But meowmie nefur lets you haff a whole plateful!
Lobster Dinner Lobster Dinner
Maine lobsters (fresh daily) with mullusks, crabs and's a feline feast!
Barbeque Chicken Barbeque Chicken
Ginger loves this barbeque chicken, especially since there's always enuf for a snack later on!
Trout Rainbow Trout
Fresh caught, lightly grilled and flaky, Mewsette makes these disappear fast!
Lamb Chops Lamb Chops
Always tender and juicy, these are the best lamb chops you will efur taste. Just ask Phelicity!
Grilled Salmon Grilled Salmon
Not one, not two, but three of the best grilled salmon you efur tasted!
Catfish Dinner Catfish Dinner
Mmmmmmmm, dey must call it catfish cuz cats luff it so much! This is delicious!
Anchovy Pizza Anchovy Pizza
More cheese, more anchovies...this is the best pizza efur!
Turkey Tetrazzini Turkey Tetrazzini
Big chunks of turkey in a creamy sauce on eggy noodles. This is a fafurite of Phelicity's, too!
Cheese Souffle Cheese Souffle
A puffy, cheezy delight with a hint of butter, this Cat-Cheezy specialty melts in your mouth.
Tuna Pot Pie Tuna Pot Pie
Plenty of tuna swimming in da cream sauce sets this pot pie above the rest!


Phelicity says to always leave room fur dessert, these are too good to miss
Mocha Marble Cheesecake Mocha Marble Cheesecake
Smooth as velvet, order early because this cheesecake sells out efury nite.
Double Creme Cheesecake Double Creme Cheesecake
Extra creme delicious, it'll make your fur shine.
Salmon Mousse Salmon Mousse
Light and fluffy with fresh salmon and cream. With or without catnip sprinkles, it's a sinful dessert.
Ice Cream Catnip Ice Cream
A cool, creamy treat with just the right amount of catnip.


Ginger says to sip these slowly, or you might get furry silly
Salmongria Salmongria
Light, bubbly, and a little wicked, this fragrant drink will tickle your nose.
Nipz Beer Nipz Beer
The ultimate best of nips and hops, this is special enough for E.T.!
Cream Chi-Chi Cream Chi-Chi
Made with the finest thick cream and a hint of shrimp, this is elegant!
Hot Cocoa Hot Cocoa
Fresh whipped cream tops this late-night favorite.

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