Welcome to E.T.'s 8th Birffday, efury kitty is invited!

Ginger an Phelicity: Happy birffday, E.T.!

Ginger: Surprise! We're taking mew fur a ride in a hot air balloon.

Phelicity: A special birffday balloon.

E.T.: Wowee, I nefur saw nuthin like it! Let's climb in!

Ginger: Eeek! We're going up fast!

Phelicity: An lookit da view, mew can see efurything.

E.T.: Dis is so much fun. Thank mew! I always wanted to do dis.

Ginger: Let's find our houses an wave to our meowmies!

Da kitties enjoy a champagne toast befur returning down to earth.

Later, dey go home an change clothes....

Phelicity: Here's yer birffday cake, we had it made special wiff cream fillin da way mew like.

E.T.: Oboy, it tastes as good as it looks!

Ginger: Der's plenny fur all our furriends, I hope dey all can join us.

Phelicity: Don't furget to open yer gifts!

E.T.: Thank mew, Ginger! I can't wait to try dese out!


E.T.: Wowee, thank mew, Phelicity! My own purrsonal golf cart, how cool!

more cake

Ginger: Twist sent dis beautiful cake.

E.T.: Thank mew, Twist, I'm gonna haff some of it, too!


E.T.: How fun, thanks fur all da treats!


E.T.: Thank mew, Annie & Ernie! Let's all play on dis.


E.T.: Oboy, lookit dem! What fun I'll haff wiff dese, thank mew!

Please come get some cake an also take dis souvenir with you!

E.T. party souvenir

Ginger: Dat was fun, but it's good to haff my paws back on da ground.

Phelicity: I'm ready to try it again *mewgiggles*

Ginger: Let's furst go out fur a birffday dinner.

E.T.: Oboy, thank mew fur a wonderpurr day!

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