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If you have this page bookmarked or linked from another site and are wondering why I haven't updated my commentary in months, it's because I've revamped my website and changed the address of the Commentary page. You can go to MY HOME PAGE and go from there, or you can go directly to my NEW COMMENTARY PAGE. Thanks for visiting!

--Rob Moore

(The opinions expressed here are solely the opinions of Rob Moore, unless otherwise indicated. This is NOT an officially sanctioned site of NWA Southwest Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, the Xtreme Pro Wrestling Alliance, Xtreme Championship Wrestling or any other existing professional wrestling company. If you would like to respond, rebut, rewind, etc., please E-Mail your comments to Rob at You are also invited to visit the NWA Southwest website and read Rob's weekly commentary there. When you go to the site, click on Commentary.)

(Rob can be found when online via AIM as RobMooreNWA and YAHOO!Messenger as smokyrobmoore.)


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