Samir K. Mondal, Ph.D

Research Scientist, Central Scientific Instrument Organisation (CSIO), Chandigarh,India
Summary: Research interest / Education /Publication/ Awards
URL~ UMN UCI Tyndall

Research Interest

  • Photonic crystal material, Magneto-optic
  • Optical fiber and waveguide devices and Opto- electronic Packaging and Automation
  • MEMS.


  • Ph.D. in (2000) Fiber and Integrated Optics, University of Calcutta, INDIA.
  • M.Sc. in Physics, University of Calcutta, INDIA.


    • Research Fellow of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), INDIA

    • Research Fellow of University Grant Commission, INDIA

      Member of Academic Organization

      • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),
      • International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS)

        Paper Review Activities

      • IEEE, Photonics Technology Letter(PTL)
      • IEEE, Journal of Lightwave Technology(JLT)
      • Elsevier Science, Optics Communications



      • Mondal S.K., B.Roycroft,P.Lambkin, F.Peters et al., "A multiwavelength low power wavelength-locked Slotted Fabry-Perot laser for WDM applications, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol.19, No.10,May 15,2007,p-744-46.

      • Mondal S.K., Beth Stadler, "Novel designs for integrating YIG/air photonic crystal slab polarizers with waveguide Faraday rotators ,IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol.17,No.1,Jan.2005,p-127-129.

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      • Mondal S.K.,J.Guo,Z.Tang,R.Zhang and Shi F.G., "Novel intelligent automation method for out-of-plane fiber-laser alignment in presence of initial non-planer misalignments:three-point approach", IEEE/OSA, Journal of Lightwave Technology,vol.21, Sep.2003, pp-2061.

      • Zhou H, Tang Z, Lin Y, Liu W, Mondal S.K., F.G Shi, "Packaging of fiber collimators: a novel automation process for photonic devices" Advanced Packaging, vol.11, no.1, Jan. 2002, pp.25-8.

      • Zhou, H, W. Liu, Y. Lin, Mondal S.K. and F.G. Shi, "A Novel Assembling Technique for Collimator Arrays Using UV-Curable Adhesives, IEEE Trans. on Components and Packaging Technologies", 25(2002), no.4, pp.481-7.

      • Mondal S.K. and Shi F.G., "Novel lensed-fiber offset coupling scheme to reduce reflected intensity noise in optimizing carrier-to-noise ratio", Optics Communications, 199(2001)399-405

      • Tang Z., Zhang R., Mondal S.K. and Shi F.G., "Optimization of Fiber-optic Coupling and Alignment Tolerance for Coupling between a Laser Diode and a Wedged Single Mode Fiber", Optics Communications, 199(2001) 95-101.

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      • Mondal S.K. and Sarkar S.N., "Coupling of a laser diode to single-mode fiber with an upside-down tapered lens end?, Applied Optics, 38(1999) 6272-6277.

      • Mondal S.K. Gangopadhyay S., and Sarkar S.N., "Analysis of an upside-down taper lens end from a single-mode step-index fiber", Applied Optics, 37(1998)1006-1009.

      • Mondal S.K. and Sarkar S.N, "Interesting effect of optical Kerr nonlinearity in expanding single-mode regime of optical fibers using dispersion-flattened profiles", Optics Communications, 150(1998) 81-84.

      • Das, G.; Sengupta, M.; Mondal S.K. Sarkar, S.N., "A novel and accurate approximation for the fundamental mode in single-mode fibers having arbitrary index profiles", Journal of Optical Communications, 19(1998) 24-26.

      • Gangopadhyay, S.; Sengupta, M.; Mondal S.K. et al., "Novel method for studying single-mode fibers involving Chebyshev technique", Journal of Optical Communications, 18(1997) 75-78.

      • Mondal S.K. and Sarkar S.N., "Effect of Optical Kerr effect nonlinearity on LP11mode cutoff frequency of single-mode dispersion-shifted and dispersion-flattened fibers", Optics Communications, 127(1996) 25-30.

        Conference Proccedings

      • B.Roycroft, S.K. Mondal et al., ‘First switching tunable laser sources for wavelength division multiplexing in passive optical access network,’ IPRPM, Japan, 2007.

      • Mondal S.K., P.J.Huges, G Jordan and A.M.Lyons, "Novel Polymer Actuator for Variable-Optical-Attenuator, to be appeared in SPIE-proceedings, Photonics Europe, France, 2006.

      • Xiaoyuan Qi,Sang-Yeob Sung, Samir K. Mondal,and Bethanie J. H Stadler, Structure analysis of terbium aluminosilicate glass films for easily integrated magneto-optical components, 2004 MRS spring meetings,San-Fransisco,USA, L6.18.

      • Sang-Yeob Sung,Xiaoyuan Qi, Samir K. Mondal,and Bethanie J. H Stadler, Rapid Thermal Annealing for Integrated Yttrium Iron Garnet,2004 MRS spring meetings,San-Fransisco,USA,L8.3

      • Yongzhi He, Samir K. Mondal,,Frank G. Shi, Novel Design of Wedge-Shaped Lensed Fibers for Fiber-Laser Coupling by using a Wide-Angle Beam Propagation Method, Proceedings of IMAPS,2003, BOSTON.

      • S.K. Mondal and Frank G Shi, Temperature Sensitivity Characteristics of Array Waveguides Gratings, Proceedings of PHOTONICS WEST,2003, San Jose.

      • Zhou, H., Z. Tang, Y. Lin, W. Liu, Mondal S.K. and F.G. Shi, Packaging of Fiber Collimators: a Novel Automation Process for Photonic Devices, Advanced Packaging, January Issue, 2002.

      • S.K. Mondal and F.G. Shi, "Optimization of Fiber-Laser Coupling with respect to both the Coupling Efficiency and Carrier-to-Noise Ratio: a Novel Design", Proceedings of 52nd ECTC, San Diego, CA, USA: IEEE, 2002.

      • Zhou, H., Z. Tang, S.K. Mondal F.G. Shi and N. Zhang, "Assembling of Fiber Collimators for Photonic Devices", Proceedings of 52nd ECTC, San Diego, CA, USA: IEEE, 2002, pp.821-827.

      • Zhang, R., Z. Tang, S.K. Mondal and F.G. Shi, "Fiber-Optic Angular Alignment: Recent Progress", Proceedings of the Technical Program for SMTA Conference on Optoelectronics & the Telecom Revolution, Dallas, TX, Nov.14-15, 2001, pp 67-73.

      • Tang, Z., R. Zhang, S.K. Mondal, J. Guo and F.G. Shi, "Angular Misalignments in Coupling a Wedged Single Mode Fiber to a Highly Elliptical Laser Diode", Proceedings of the 34th International Symposium on Microelectronics, IMAPS, Baltimore, ML, Oct. 9-11, 2001.


      • Assistant professor,St.Paul's C. Mission College, University of Calcutta, INDIA, 2000-2001.
      • Assistant professor,Asansole Engineering College, University of Burdwan, INDIA, 1999-2000.
      • Guest Lecturer, University of California, Irvine, 2001.


      • Project Leader, Newport Corporation, California,

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