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Special Section: The Developments in the CIA

What's New at the Cindy Intelligence Agency

Apr 16 - Infamous hacker Varun Malik, who caught the world's attention by haking into the CIA's computer network only to forget to enable his firewall, thereby enabling us to track him down by revealing his IP address. We hope that the talented young lad would not commit such careless errors when on a proper mission.

Apr 14 - Chief Petty Officer Kooh Wee Hou, an insane sex maniac, is recruited as the Chief of Horny Warfare. His brilliant way of coming up with extremely sick ideas that were, without a shadow of doubt, outshown the rest of the candidates.

Apr 11 - Commander Kheng aka Trinity, who has over twenty years of experience of being a bouncer, is recruited as the Chief of the special forces. He posesses breath-taking abilities such as dodging bullets as well as stoping thousands of missles of all kinds in mid air. His inhuman abilities are a plus factor together with his muscular build, which would put even Arnie to shame, is guranteed to intimidate the opposition.

Apr 10 - A four star general of the Iraqi regime, General Samuel Lim, or more commonly known as Chemical Sam is recruited as the Chief of Chemical Warfare. Chemical Sam is reportedly the general that masterminded the merciless destruction of people who dare defy the orders of Sodium Hassan. He is a veteran in using chemical and biological weapons and has a vast knowledge on which substance is most suitable for every suitation. Agent Wal recons that the seasoned and somewhat heartless General is the perfect candidate for the job.

Apr 9 - Field Marshall Shaun Lee, an infamous psycological maniac, is recruited as the Chief of Psylogical Warfare. The pysco has won worldwide acclaim for conducting psycological warefare on unsupecting viticms. Field Marshall Lee has proven that he can turn any mind into a collection of disintergrated brain matter. He is rumoured to be the mentor of Yurine, a master in mind-control. He will also be covering the duties of Directorate of Intelligence and Director of the Center for the Study of Intelligence. The Field Marshall has succeeded in conduting pyscological warfare on even his boss, Agent Wal!

Apr 7 - Agent Wal starts a massive manhunting campaign for the best talent to fill the posts of the executive commitee, which is the backbone of the CIA.

Mar 5 - Agent Wal aka Shikhar Aunty Wal is appointed as the Chief Operative of the Cindy Intelligence Agency by the Chief of the United Nations.

Mar 1 - The Cindy Intelligence Agency is formed.