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I have been busy creating Networks, PC's and Websites... I have had a whole room full of PC's lately.  But do go checkout my newest Website! It is another site I have worked up for Carrie Bethel (My realtor).  Click on the below link to WWW.FLETCHERHEIGHTS.COM...  And don't forget to click on Carrie's original site that I reworked in 2000 for her WWW.CARRIEBETHEL.COM.  Her hits are outstanding, and customer yield from the site is great!.  She gets 5-7 business prospects per week from the page!!! 

Thanks for stopping by.    ~sm~
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Yes, These pics are of Shannon and Me in Sedona in 1996...Before we married.
Want to Learn more about AZ?, Thinking about moving here?  Need to find a Phoenix area Restaurant? Curious about todays Mortgage rates?  Go ask Carrie! 
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