Changing the MR814v2  Wireless Router  to  Access Point

   The MR814v2 wireless router can often be purchased for $40 or less. The wireless access point cost much more. It is possible to use the hub/wireless features of the MR814v2 without using the router part.
  I already had a router when I bought the MR814v2. I really just wanted the wireless and hub section. DLSREPORTS has some user experiences converting the MR814v2 to a wireless access point. I used these as a starting point for my conversion.  Following screen shots show my configuration. You must be logged into the MR814v2 as admin to make the changes.

Basic settings

This is the basic settings page presented when you browse No internet connection settings are needed since the MR814v2 is operated as an access point. Click Apply after you have made the changes.

Wireless settings.

When configuring the wireless settings it is important to set the SSID, disable broadcast, enable 128-bit encryption and generate a security key. These settings will help keep un-authorized people from using your wireless network. Apply the settings after making all the changes - remember to change your wireless devices to use the same SSID, Encryption, and security key.

Lan Settings

This was the most confusing part of the setup. The MR814v2 would report an error unless I set acceptable IP address and DHCP address's even though I had DHCP disabled. My router is at and my home network DHCP starts at I chose an address for the MR814v2 which would be addressable by my home network but out of the home network DHCP range. I configured the MR814v2 DHCP range so I could get past the error message.  Once you Apply the settings you will need to reconnect using
lan settings

WAN settings

The only change I made on this configuration page was to disable automatic WAN connect. Since I already have a router I do not need the MR814v2 connecting to the WAN.

Schematic of my home network

My home network starts with SBC DSL WIreSpeed modem. Next I have a D-Link 704 router. I have a white box, Compaq, and iMac connected to the D-Link. The NetGear MR814v2  wireless router has a white box connected to it. My wireless devices are Acer travelmate notebooks with NetGear MA401 cards. The MR814v2 is a better router than the D-Link 704, however I need the wireless access at the opposite end of my home.

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