# comments begin with a pound sign on the left margin and extend to the
# end of the line.  Blank lines are ignored.
# This file may be copied to the name .x10sched.conf in your home directory 
# after you alter it to fit your needs.  You can't run heyu macro without
# a file like this.

#Timers set off macros.  They have a start and end date and a start 
# and end time.  The macro will be executed once a day at the given time
# The first one works every day of the week from 2/1 through 12/12.

#type  dayofweek  start end   on    off   on_macro  off_macro
#timer  smtwtfs    02/01-12/12 14:58 14:59 c5on      c5off

# The next one only runs on dec 11 if it is friday 
#timer .....f. 12/11-12/11 23:34 23:35 d6off d6off
# timers which run everyday for sunrise/sunset/bedtime
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 17:25 17:26 sunset sunset 
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 06:25 06:26 sunrise sunrise 
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 23:00 23:01 bedtime bedtime
# timers which close the garage door at night every 30min
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 18:00 18:30 close_door close_door 
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 19:00 19:30 close_door close_door 
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 20:00 20:30 close_door close_door 
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 21:00 21:30 close_door close_door
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 22:00 22:30 close_door close_door
timer smtwtfs 01/01-12/31 23:00 23:30 close_door close_door
# Trigers, or macro initiators, also set off macros
# The first one runs macro c5off when 'c1 off' is recieved.

#type  triger_unit trigger_command  macro
# trigger c1          off              c5off

# same as above, but works when 'c1 on' is seen
# trigger c1 on c5on
# trigger  a14 on close_door
# e4 is the dusk sensor (ms13a) outside.  It turns on the living room lamps,
# but is does not turn them off.
# trigger e4 on livinroom_on

# macros are executed by the triggers and timers.  They can have a label
# up to 31 characters long.  They can be delayed, and can have multiple 
# sub commands.  Sub commands are separated by a semicolon ';'.

#The first one has the label c5on, no delay and will turn on module d7, then
# brighten it to level 22 (of 22 steps) It's executed by the trigger 'c1 on'
#Tag  label  delay  cmd1       cmd2 ...
macro sunset 0      on a1,7,5,8,10,9,12,11;on a14;bright a11 11
macro sunrise 0     on b1;on a15;off a8;off a8
macro bedtime 0     off a1,7,5,10,9,12,11,15;off b1
macro close_door 0  on a14
#This one waits 5 minutes, then turns off d6 and d7 and turns on e2
#macro c5off 5   off d6,7;on e2

# This one has no delay. It turns off d6 immediately.
#macro d6off  0 off d6

# And so on.  The macro MUST exist if you use it in a timer or trigger.
#macro livinroom_on 0 on d4
#macro livinroom_off 0 off d4
#macro front_lights_on 0 on l1
#macro front_lights_off 0 off l1

    Source: geocities.com/sms043