Mrs. Bohrer's Class
Saint Mary School
Hello Students and Parents!

Happy Summer 2008!!

Please be sure to visit Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Dougherty, and Miss Devereaux's websites for their summer work activites.

Grade 7
Pray daily, attend Mass, and be a good Christian role model. Daily readings can be found at

Please read the required activity under Grade 8.  This assignment is also for you, but you need only one printed copy.  Please be aware that it will be assessed for Religion, Science, and Writing.

TAKE A NATURE WALK:  Find a place where you can take a walk to experience God and science.  It would be a great idea to take a note pad with you.  When you get back, organize your notes and write a reflective paragraph that includes the elements of God and science.  Please have it be a one-typed page and print two copies-one for me and one for Mrs. Kelly.

VISIT A WEBSITE:  Visit and click on 'for students' at the top.  On the left side, click on 'In the Spotlight'.  Choose an article, and if an activity is posted, complete the activity and print out the results.  If no activity is posted, summarize the article in a grade appropriate typed paragraph.

VISIT A WEBSITE:  Enjoy visiting  I recommend that you click on 'grade 5' at the top, then 'science'.  Choose an activity.  When you are complete, be a website reviewer and write a short review about the site and activity you enjoyed.  Please type your review and print it out.
Prentice-Hall Science
Macmillan Science
Sadlier Vocabulary
Name: Joan Bohrer