Grade 3 - Patricia Hertz
Third Grade Minor Subjects Schedule

Monday: PE  12:30-1:10 PM

Wednesday: Library  10:10-10:50 AM
     Computer  12:00-12:40 PM

Thursday: Music  12:00-12:40 PM
     Art  12:40-1:30 PM

Classroom Supplies
Paper Towels
Snack bags
Disinfecting Wipes
The third grade book report schedule was sent home Friday, September 12.  The first book report is due October 24.

The Gloucester City Fire Department is sponsoring a Fire Prevention Poster contest for grades K-3.  The theme this year is "
Prevent Home Fires".  All third grade students will participate in this contest.  Posters will be graded and this grade will apply to Social Studies.

Tips for School Success
. Attend school everyday!  You miss out if your are not there.

. Ask your teacher for help if you do not understand your schoolwork.  There is not such thing as a silly question!

. Pay attention in class and always try your best.

. Do your homework - everyone needs PRACTICE in order to get better.

Third grade is an exciting year for students.  You can help your child be successful by  communicating with us, supporting your child with homework assignments, and getting involved with classroom and school activities.

Thank you for your cooperation
Mrs. Hertz
Mrs. Heinsm


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Parent Contact Information
Name: Patricia Hertz