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Summer Blessings to you and your family. I lookforward to learning with you next year. 

First, please check Miss Devereaux's, Mrs. Dougherty's, Mrs. Borher's, and Mrs. Kelly's websites for your summer assignments. I am excited to see what you will do with these assignments.  I like the choices and possibilities these assignments will offer to you. Please take your time and do your best.

All enrichment students are to do some research... What was it like 150 years ago? (1858-1859) Who was our Pope?  What world events were going on...?  Who was our president?  What was the economy of our country? What was going on in our country? our state?  Gloucester City?  What interests you about this time in history? (music,science,religion,politics,...)  THIS IS NOT TO BE WRITTEN AS A REPORT!  Gather information, use the internet, use research materials in a library,take notes,draw pictures,photo-copy photos, your creative.  We will use your information and material in September!

MATH ENRICHMENT STUDENTS- The answer is 150!  How many ways can you get this answer?  You may use any OPERATION,integers,fractions,decimals,percents,exponents,  variables,percents, and your creativity. (ATLEAST 15!)

LITERATURE ENRICHMENT STUDENTS- Visit the website  Increase your vocabulary as you help the poor! 
Write a SHORT review of ANY THREE books that you have read this summer.
Example- The Giver by Lois Lowery
       A powerful,thoughtful,
well written book- I couldn't put it down!
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