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Kicking Off the Fall Season!!

It will be great to see everyone playing soccer again this fall!!!

Let's played smart -- and have fun!!!

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-6:30pm at Lacey Center.
See the link above for the schedule of games this season.

We did super last season. 
We have at least 9 players returning from last year.

See you all at the first practice on 8/30/2005.

Thank you to all of the parents for your support again this season -- especially to Joe as my Assistant Coach.  
Learning GOALS for the Season:

Main Goal:  Play HARD and Have FUN

First Goal:     Defense to always clear the ball to the outside and up the field with big kicks.

Second Goal: Create a fast-paced game with wings running down the outside and sending crossing passes into the center in front of the goal.

Third Goal: Generate good passes by the players moving into open spaces in anticipation of a pass.

Fourth goal: Aggressive defense challenging the ball all the time when the other team has possession.

Fifth goal: 
  Communication among the players --  call "I got it" and "you've got help" to teammates.

Sixth goal:    PASS to the open teammate when you draw a crowd, and score GOALS!