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For Bravenet:
Well, so much as happened and since my password was lost I couldn't log on for the longest time.  I had to manipulate a few geocities help sites but I finally got it back.  Woohoo!  Now for all who are "Amelias" friends and are signing things on my guestbook- I would suggest you stop it because you're making her look worse than she already is.  Besides, I'm taking them down as soon as I can.  It'll be awhile

For everyone else:
This webpage is over for me.  I feel I need to start new with everything.  The old webpage will always be here but I am going to embark on another website (still with geocities) under a different user name.  I already have
ONE page up but it's a parody that I did on the blair witch project and you probably wont find it humerous unless you know "Vinnie".   If you were entranced by this website for some odd, strange reason then I will eventually update it with the address of my new site and you may visit that site instaid..  It's been nice knowing you.  You trually are sexy people.