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Dear Recently Distressed,
Tis been a long time. Weezer backgrounds are working as of now. I wonder if there are new things that geocities is capable of. Only time will tell. Was anyone else as dissapointed as I was with the Friends season finale? It could have been so much better and we all know it. And the O.C? As much as I may want to deny that I watch it at times, my only defense is that I followed my Dave. He left to tahiti...because he had no friends, which makes me sad. And Will & Grace? J.LO was on it. Jack is going to go on tour with her. How Jack. That's so him. Ack! The Rocket Summer! No! Songs are now going to be forever engraved in my head. Updates are now in the kyle howard page, as my obessision has turned to Rivers Cuomo with all of his shy-ness and corner mumbling. *Sigh* We should go to Dennys and be seated as "Rocky, party of three" only it would be party of two... I should give danielle her c.d player back. I should give cindy's back too.
Oh gosh, I was just caught sha-winging at school. olo. Yes, i was re-enacting wayne's world while i was talking to cindy and i sha-winged...or would it be sha-wung? Or, would it be sha-wought? The past tense of bring is brought. Hmmm....anyways. I (insert correct tense of sha-wing here) and nikki looked at me bewildered like and asked what i was doing. Ah, the embarrassment. Kill Bill be a good movie. "Beat it Charlie Brown!" ha. Quetin Tarantino be an awesome director too. Among the ranks of Tim Burton in my eyes. Ryan, I fully support you writing screenplays for a living. Van Helsing was pretty good too. Frankenstein is now added to my ever-growing list of misunderstood monsters. Leather face? So misunderstood. He's only butchering people because nobody will accept him for having a disfigured face. Frankenstien? Well, in the book, he just wanted a girlfriend. Is that so much to ask? That's the only reason her killed that guy's girlfriend/wife. He was shunned by society and he was hurting. As my final thought, why can't we all just be friends?