SMUSC  Executive

These are the people who run the day to day operations of the Club.


Vice President Executive

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Kate Curwin is the President of SMUSC. She is responsible for the overall operation of the entire club. In short, she's the boss. She is also a member of every committee.

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Chris Hurst is our club Vice President of the Executive. She acts as President when Kate isn't around. She is responsible for the training aspect of the club by organizing classes, instructors, and learning materials for both on water and off water classes.


Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Communications

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Matt LeBlanc is our VP of Finance. Essentially, he's the money man. Any finances that the club receives or spends goes through him. He keeps the books and reports back to the President for reports. Matt is also the Chair of the Finance Committee

Danny Young is SMUSC's VP of Communications. He is responsible for getting information out to our members as well as the rest of the school in regards to the club. He looks email lists and is also the Chair of the Communications committee.


Sailing Coordinator

Social Events Coordinator

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Carissa Dort is our Sailing Coordinator. She is the liaison between the club and outside sailing organizations with regards to sailing operations. She is also responsible for organizing all sailing events such as regattas.

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 The position of Social Events Coordinator is currently vacant. If you are interested, please contact us here! The Social Events Coordinator is in charge of organizing and executing the social events put on my the club. The Social Events Coordinator is also Chair of the Social Events Committee