Sailing Programs

There have been a lot of questions asking what kind of programs SMUSC will offer next year. This is what we are currently looking at implementing.

The club will be broken up into two groups: Recreational and Racing

Recreational or "Rec" will be for people who are interested in learning how to sail or to develop basic skills. If you've never sailed before and are interested in getting into the sport, this would be the section for you. It would include the Canadian Yachting Association White Sail Program, where you learn to sail from scratch and work your way from White Sail Level 1 to White Sail Level 3 by learning the fundamentals of sailing a sailboat.

The Racing Group will be for those who already have sailing experience and are interested in learning Advanced skills (ie CYA Bronze Program) or who are interested in racing. This group will be for the 'hardcore" sailors out there looking for some competition.

We hope to have more detailed information on our programs for the September sailing season.

Last Updated 27 Mar 06.