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Asia's leading  manufacturer
Over 10,000+ PLC systems
PLC-20R (12 Inputs + 8 Outputs)
Welcome to the text-only homepage of
 Our products are of excellent quality & reasonably priced.

We are Asia's leading manufacturers and
system suppliers for:- 
  • industrial automation
  • factory automation
  • industrial controls and instrumentation
  • building automation
  • process control
  • process measurement
  • Our Associate / Group firms manufacture or 
    provide :- Our contact information is:- 
    e-mail :

    Due to reasons of taxation of e-commerce, and
    to avoid spamming we do not disclose our address in this website.

    Please contact us by e-mail to initiate further contacts.

    This page is only a list of our engineering activities.

    Complete information is from our main website only.

    Our clients include:- 
    some of the world's largest and most famous companies, and also many small and friendly clients who we greatly value.

    These include :-

    We also supply a full range of AC or DC motors and solenoids.

    In addition to our own manufactured products we are also dealers for international brands like SIEMENS and TRIGAET.

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