Draco's Lair is BACK! That is right my friends, I have gotten teh whole site back for you all to enjoy yet again. Please note that a few images and such will not work, this is because I just uploaded the Draco's Lair backup CD to my friends PC that is hosting it. It will take a very long time to upgrate everything, but till then enjoy!


April.21/01 The Draco image page is back! That's right, I had the space so Uploaded that page again. Just click HERE to go there :-)

April.01/01 The mirror site is being worked on. I would say another 2 months and it will be fully running. Also, I do have the whole of Draco's lair on a CD.. Taking up 600MB. If you are intersted, just email me :-)

You can still go to the Draco's lair Message Board by clicking HERE

Draco forever!

You can email me at draco6@home.com