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Updated 17th March 2001

Important Announcement

G'Day all. I have come to the decision to give this site away. It has become too
much for me to keep updated. Anyone wanting to take over this site please email me at Obviously you must have some HTML experience. I don't want to
sacrifice the hard work I have done to get this site up to some newbie.

Hey if anyone has ICQ and wants to talk fishing then just add me. My # is 34158749. - Active Lifestyle Vertical Portal

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Welcome to my fishing page. Once every two weeks I will update the reports for Victoria.
Tackle Talk has tips and information on all the latest Tackle.
Destinations has an in depth monthly guide to some great fishing areas around Victoria.
I'll post as many photo's as I can. If you have any please email them to me and I will post your
name with the pic.
The links page will have links to all the other cool fishing pages on the net. If you would like your
link there email me and arrangements can be made.

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