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Information handling on Internet                                                                    Fall 2003
     Build a Web Crawler using JAVA; Developed an Amazon-like website for Books using
     JSP, Servlets and MySQL; Developed a Website with user login and security using Perl
     with functionalities like displaying Stocks and Weather Information for the user;
     Developing JAVA Applets to convert XML docs into HTML using JAXP and JAVA

GIS - Spatial Database Application Development                                      
Spring 2003
     Developed this application for a Cell Phone Company using JAVA Swing, JAVA and IBM
     Informix; Provided functionalities like viewing cell users in different zip code areas and in
     user-drawn polygons with user details on mouse-rollover; Designed the complete
     database schema and converted the ER-Model into physical one and wrote dynamic
     spatial database queries depending on the user-input

Streaming Media Server Development                                                       Spring 2003
     Designed and developed platform independent Streaming Media Server and Clients using
     JAVA, JAVA Swing, JMF 2.1 with multi-threading; JAVA socket programming and initial
     client-server handshaking using TCP/IP and video/audio file streaming using RTP/UDP
     with multicasting support for the clients

Peer-to-Peer Distributed File Sharing System (P2P)                                       Fall 2002
     Designed and implemented a network of super nodes and user nodes using C with
     multi-threading, TCP/IP and socket programming; Implemented storing, retrieving and
     caching of files at nodes and deletion of files using digitally signed signatures

Personalized Internet Advertising
                                                       Undergrad - 2000
     Developed an algorithm to generate dynamic ads on the internet depending on the likes
     and dislikes on the user logged in using HTML, ASP and MS Access; Ad components -
     caption, text, logo and image were stored separately and displayed dynamically as a
     whole ad


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