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Report from the Premiere of Julie and the Cadillacs - Thursday 19th August 1999

"When I read on Ben's web site that he would be attending the Premiere of his film, Julie and the Cadillacs, I knew that I had to go.
When I got up to London I went straight to the Virgin Cinema on Haymarket to find out what time everyone would be arriving. Ok, I had to be there by 7:30pm. I decided to get to the cinema by 6:00pm - there was no way that I was going to miss Ben! While I was waiting outside the cinema, a few of the staff put out some barriers. I decided against standing behind them, as I didn't want to feel like a cow or sheep!
It was 7:30pm, no sign of Ben! Where was he? I was standing with Tina's (Ben's co-star, she played Julie) parents, they were wondering where Ben and Tina were too. I was beginning to give up hope.
8:10pm - Ben and Tina finally arrived! And they arrived in style - a pink Cadillac! I just froze on the spot! I couldn't believe that Ben was standing about three feet away from me! He looked so gorgeous in what he was wearing, I was speechless! I had seen Ben in Saturday Night Fever a few times before, but had never met him. Photographers from the press mainly dominated the path outside the cinema. Things were moving quite quickly as Ben and Tina were late in arriving. It was make or break point - either I ask Ben to sign something or just let him walk past. I took a chance. I wasn't expecting to meet him, so I didn't take my SNF programme. I just had a notebook.
As Ben walked past I called him. He turned around and I asked him if he could sign my notebook, he was very obliging considering he was in a rush. My pen almost broke while Ben was writing with it. It was really embarrassing, but Ben just laughed and looked very puzzled. He told me he had to be quick as he was already late, but still took the time to talk to me. Someone from the press took a picture of Ben whilst he was talking to me. Ben asked how I was. I was thinking of something to say that wouldn't sound really pathetic, but I couldn't think of anything so I just asked Ben how he was. Tina decided that she didn't want Ben talking to anyone so she asked Ben to hurry up. He said, "Bye." Then went over to Tina. She was talking to her mum, Ben walked past and stood by the entrance to the foyer of the cinema. All of a sudden I heard Ben say, "Tina, we've got to go!" I just laughed as she casually wondered over to Ben. More press were taking pictures of Ben and Tina, and were also asking them questions. By now it was getting on for 9:00pm, so they had to go in. Just as Ben and Tina walked in the door Ben turned round, smiled at me then waved.
I was in shock all the way home. No one believed me when I told them, but I like to be able to say that I was at the Premiere of Ben's first major film. The things I do for Ben!"
Written by Claire Fitzjohn. Can not be copied in any form.

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