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Exclusive Richard Woodford Interview

Full Name: Richard James Woodford

Date of Birth: 29/01/1974

Place of Birth: London

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Brothers and Sisters - Brother, David & Sister, Bernadette
(2 half brothers, Peter and Paul & 3 half sisters, Cindy, Tracey and Denise)

Don't you find it strange that you played a Gus in Cats and you are now in SNF playing Gus?
Yes because they are so different! In Cats Gus is a very old cat (between 60-80 years old) and Gus in SNF is nineteen. Slightly different don't you think?

How is your knee injury? How did you manage to injure your knee?
I just pulled a ligament during Boogie Shoes. The physio thought that it could have been my cartilidge, which would have been bad news, but luckily it wasn't.

What theatre show/musical, would you most like to be in?
There are quite a few! I would like to be in Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and would have loved to have been in Rent.

We once saw you walking down the street with (what looked like) a Miss Saigon programme. Are you a fan of the show?
I wouldn't say that I was a fan but I do like it. You probably saw me after I went to see one of my best friends Rachel in the show! She was glam!

SNF is a very energetic show! What do you do to relax?
I always go to the pub after for a pint or two, which helps me unwind!

What are you planning to do after SNF?
I haven't got a job as yet to go to but I have had a few auditions. I don't think I'll be doing the tour as I have already been in the show almost two years and feel that I need a break. Don't get me wrong! I love SNF but feel that it's time to move on.

Do you always get a good response from the audience?
Yes, we are spoilt, the audience always get up and dances at the end! They always scream and shout, I think it's because (although it's a musical) it is like a pop concert, and who doesn't enjoy a good pop concert!?

Any embarrassing moments on stage?
Yes. In my first job Joseph I almost fell into the pit when everyone was looking at me and in SNF when I was on for Double J last year, in the finale I bent down to pick up one of the girls and my trousers split. Lets just say that the front row got an eyeful! (oh-er!!)

What's the strangest thing that a fan has ever given/sent you?
Well, It's not strange but I remember telling a fan that my feet were aching and for my birthday she bought me a foot spa. Good present though, it does the job!

What's your all time favourite film?
I have a few but among my favourites are; The Wizard of Oz (How Cliche) Fiddler On The Roof, The Shawshank Redemption, The Great Escape, Star Wars and Superman.

What annoys you?
Selfish people. I can't bear people who are rude/unfair. I hate people who spit in the street. I also hate people who are lazy on stage.

Tell us a secret!
I am terrified of snakes, crocodiles and sharks! Oh, and I can't do a back-flip!

Where did you train?
I didn't start dancing until I was eighteen years old, it was at a college in Cambridge called Body Work. I owe them so much and if you are reading this Theresa, Thank You!

What was the last show that you went to go and see? Was it good?
The last show that I went to see was West Side Story and I promised my friend Jye that I would say it was amazing! No honestly it was really glam!!

We discovered that Mark McGee can unicycle and both mark and Paul.W, can juggle! Have you got any hidden talents that we should know about!?
I can walk on my hands and I can roll my tongue into the shape of a clover! What talents eh!?? How on earth does someone discover that they can roll their tongue into the shape of a clover!!? It's way beyond me and I am not going to ask!!!

What's your favourite SNF song?
Well I like Tragedy and Immortality as the buzz I got from singing them (when I went on for Bobby C and Tony) is unforgetable. I know it sounds corny but it's true!!

Mark told us that the C in Bobby C stood for Charlton, is he having a laugh or is that true? (we think that Mark was in a bit of a sarcastic mood the day that answered our questions!!)
I don't know honestly, but Mark has been know to tell a few jokes!! (bad ones generally)-Only joking Mark!!

You were in the original cast of SNF (with Adam Garcia) You've been in the show a long a long time. How do you stop the show from becoming repetitive and boring?
Well I haven't played the same part for all that time, I have played Double J, Gus, Bobby C, Tony and on one occasion Jay. So these things keep the show new and fresh.

Is Richard Calkin really as funny as he is on stage? Richard created the part of Monty himself, would you say that he resembles his character at all?
Not really, Monty is a sleezeball and Richard isn't at all! Although he is a very funny guy and a very kind hearted person.

If SNF wasn't closing, would you have stayed or moved onto something different?
Well the cast change would have been April and I would have left then anyway, So I would have been looking for something else!

What's the last C.D that you bought?
The last C.D that I bought was a C.D which helps raise money for West end cares which is The West ends charity which gives to people coping with HIV and AIDS.

Are there any pet names/nick names for anyone in the cast? (please keep this question clean!!!)
Not that I can think of!! Apart from myself. Everyone calls me Woody and before you ask, it's because of my surname Woodford!! No one calls me Richard, I much prefer Woody

You must receive quite a bit of mail from fans! Do you mind this?
No, I was shocked at getting fan mail at all! It's really flattering to receive, and shows that I must be doing what I like doing most: entertaining people! Cheers everyone who has sent me mail! (Your welcome!)

Haagen Daas or Ben + Jerrys?
Oh, Haagen Das definitely!! No comparison for me! (Doesn't anyone like B & J's?)

If you weren't a west-end star what would you be doing?
I don't know, when I was at school I wanted to be a primary school teacher so who knows, maybe that! Anyway I wouldn't class myself as a west end star at all!! (Well, we don't know about that!!!)

A big thank you to Woody for answering our questions :-)
No part of this interview can be copied or used for other web sites without permission from us first.
This interview was undertaken early February 2000.

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