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Welcome, at this time my web site only contains resume and some links to my favorites web sites. Hopefully, in the future my web site will contains more useful contents. Thanks anyhow for visiting...!
As a Lotus Notes Developer, I have made several notes applications, if you wish to take a look, please click here...

When I was in junior high school, stamp collection is one of my hobbies. I have some old and antique stamps, at this time I'm still in effort to making them online...

My favorites links

I do like this web sites, TechRepublic serves the needs of the professionals representing all segments of the IT industry, providing information and tools for IT decision support and professional advice by job function.

BUILDER.COM , one of CNET Networks is one-stop information resource and community for software developers, from the Web to the enterprise. it's covers all aspects of such as: coding, software architecture, development methodologies, project management, career strategies, teamwork, and more.

No...! she's not me, she's my daughter 'icha' :o)