We got Cody in July of 95,
when he was just about 10 weeks old.
He was just a big white fluffy ball.
He was a male, had blue eyes and was all white.
We didn't realize at the time,
but it usually means that the cat could be deaf.
Then we did try different things to see
if he could hear and he couldn't.
We then trained him to come to us
by stomping our feet on the floor.
He has also learned some hand signs.
It didn't take him long to learn what it meant.
At first we were a little scared to let him outside
but then we did.
He would follow my husband all over the yard.
If he worked in the garden, Cody would lay nearby.
He loved it outdoors and could take care of himself.
He was 11 months old when my husband died.
I now live in an apt. so he learned to stay in.
He is a wonderful cat and a lot of company.
I have since moved,
now live with my daughter and her husband.
Cody still stays inside most of the time,
but now and then we let him out in the back yard
as it has a privacy fence.
He has lots of room to roam,
also has his play mouse that he loves
to lug around and howl.
I guess he is letting us know he has his mouse.
We have to hide it at night.
He also has KeeKee, my other cat to keep him company plus Angel, my daughters cat.


These are some recent pictures.




Here are more pictures of Lady, Cody and Missy

Cody and Lady

This is a picture of Lady and Cody. Cody would always want to sleep with Lady. He was only about 3 months old in this picture. They became good friends.


Here is another picture of Lady and Cody. The larger cat is Cody's half-sister Missy. Missy lived with Cody and Lady until her mistress found them a home. Then Missy moved.



Missy is sleeping on the window sill and Cody was busy watching the Braves play on the tv.

This is Missy


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